PUBL: Newsletter of the Network of European Restitution Committees on Nazi-Looted Art, Dec 2023 – N°17

A message from Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Arts and Heritage and DCMS Lords Minister

Introduction by Rt Hon Sir Donnell Deeny, Chairman of the United Kingdom Spoliation Advisory Panel

The Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation (CIVS) welcomes its new director.

Publication of the 2022 CIVS Activity Report

Painting Landscape with a Waterfall is returned to Gosschalk’s heirs

Appointment of New Chair and Committee Member for the Dutch Restitutions Committee

Byzantine ivory relief returns to heirs of partners of Kunsthaus A.S. Drey

The Commission for Provenance Research on a visit to the Museum of Military History/Military History Institute

Portraits, Drawings, Photos, and a Spectacular Prayer Book: Four Recommendations by the Art Restitution Advisory Board

New entries released in the Lexicon of Austrian Provenance Research

Memorandum from the members of the Advisory Commission

Report of the Spoliation Advisory Panel on La Ronde Enfantine by Goustave Courbet

NMDC Nazi-era Provenance Research Training at The Victoria & Albert Museum

A new bilateral meeting bringing together the French deliberative college (of the CIVS) and the Austrian Advisory Board

A bill concerning the restitution of cultural property spoliated as a result of anti-Semitic persecution between 1933 and 1945 has been passed.

The Fate of Albert Pollak and his Collection: A Special Exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Restitution of Anton Romako’s watercolour study “Reclining hunting dog“

From Freudenthal to Vienna: On the restitution of a fortepiano to the Teutonic Order