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Inhoud jaargang 132 (2017)

From the Editors
S. 1

Introduction: The rise of Consumer Society
Peter van Dam and Joost Jonker
S. 3

B2B or B2C? Dutch Approaches towards Marketing and the Consumer, 1945-1968, with particular Attention to Heineken’s Brewery
Keetie Sluyterman
S. 11

Charting and Shaping the Modern Consumer. The Rise of Customer Research in the Dutch Department Store De Bijenkorf, 1930-1960
Jan Hein Furnée
S. 37

Giving Consumers a Political Voice. Organized Consumerism and the Belgian Welfare State, 1957-1981
Giselle Nath
S. 70

King Customer. Contested Conceptualizations of the Consumer and the Politics of Consumption in the Netherlands, 1920s-1980s
Chris Dols and Maarten van den Bos
S. 93

From Hapless Victims of Desire to Responsibly Choosing Citizens. The Emancipation of Consumers in Low Countries’ Consumer Credit Regulation
Joost Jonker, Michael Milo and Johan Vannerom
S. 115

In Search of the Citizen-Consumer. Fair Trade Activism in the Netherlands since the 1960s
Peter van Dam
S. 139

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