Read this: Pier Luigi Sacco, Post-Millenium Tension (article)

Post-Millenium Tension
Contemporary Art at a Crossroads


Flanders Art Institute commissioned the article by Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco on the relation between the booming art market and the socioeconomic position of artists.

In his article, professor of economics Pier Luigi Sacco calls our attention to a crucial tension in the way contemporary visual arts operate (internationally) today. In the last few years, the global art market has been in the midst of an enormous boom. From a distance, says Sacco, this might seem a good thing, but from close by, it presents a far less cheerful vision. Despite ever more and ever richer art collectors, for most artists, everyday reality has become increasingly difficult.

Pier Luigi Sacco is a cultural economist at Harvard University and at IULM University Milano. Special adviser of the commissioner of Culture of the EU.

Flanders Arts Institute is a government funded institution which supports the development and international relation in visual arts, music and performing arts in Flanders region / Belgium

Dirk De Wit, Coördinator internationale relaties en beeldende kunsten,  Kunstenpunt / Flanders Arts Institute