Stephanie Tasch: Peter Watson (1908-1956) and the European Art Market in the Interwar Years, 13 Feb, 2017, Berlin

Peter Watson (2. v. r.) at Emilio Terry’s Château de Rochecotte, 1930s, from: Foto book, Emilio Terry, Auction Osenat, Paris-Fontainebleau, 27. June 2015, Lot 78.

Monday, 13/02/2017, 6.15pm, room A 111, Architekturgebäude der TU, Straße des 17. Juni 150/152, 10623 Berlin.

Dr. Stephanie Tasch, Berlin: Collector, patron, marchand amateur – Peter Watson (1908-1956) and the European art market of the Interwar years

Peter Watson (1908-1956) was an English art collector, patron and marchand amateur and member of the cosmopolitan elite, who reacted to artistic avant-garde art in Paris. The outbreak of the Second World War and the German occupation of France mark the end of his engagement as a buyer and collector of contemporary art, which in the widest sense is attributable to Surrealism, and the extensive dissolution of his first art collection. The aim of the lecture is to locate Peter Watson in the context of the art market, between artists, art dealers and private collectors, and to describe his position in a network of actors from bohème and beaumonde.

Source: FOKUM, accessed February 1, 2017.