STIP: The Garage Journal’s Grants For Independent and Early Career Researchers

The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture is launching a grant program to support independent and early career researchers engaged in writing on the arts and culture.

The Garage Journal’s grants are intended to encourage new, original research and to foster diversity and inclusivity in the academic environment.

The Garage Journal plans to release three issues and to award up to six grants per year.
Next deadline: 28 Feb 2021

About the grant program

Grants are awarded for research and its publication in The Garage Journal. Research papers submitted for a grant must be written in one of the three working languages used in the journal: English, German, or Russian.
Grants will only be awarded to individual applicants (early career researchers; independent researchers; researchers who do not have access to funding in their country of residence) and should not be distributed to research groups, nor to academic associations. There are no other restrictions (i.e., according to citizenship, place of residence, age, gender, etc.).

The Garage Journal plans to release three issues and to award up to six grants per year.

Detailed information about the grant is available on our website: