CFP: Art with (or without) the art market (Paris, 24 Feb 18)

“Art with (or without) the Art Market”

INHA, Paris
Deadline: Dec 1, 2017

This call for papers will lead to a symposium and a publication as a thematic issue of Marges, revue d’art contemporain.

The art market has steadily increased in last decades, up to a point where many observers tend to doubt it could ever go back to its initial state. Contemporary art is at the centre of this phenomenon and seems to be feeding the appetites of investors for whom art value escapes by its very nature the ordinary fluctuations of general economic tendencies. It is however difficult to believe that such values are adorned with magic properties: if there is an art market boom, it is not for purely artistic reasons and it has more to do with a group of factors, the most important being economic speculation. Knowing that money has a central role in the imagination of most people, the question has to be asked whether it is still possible to talk about art without mentioning the vast sums it requires. How does the relation between monetary and aesthetic evaluation function? It is indeed difficult to believe that the art market’s recent growth is without consequences on positions within a field of art where income and social positions inequalities are so important. This leads inevitably to questions regarding the relations between aesthetic value and market listings. Continue reading “CFP: Art with (or without) the art market (Paris, 24 Feb 18)”