PUBL: Conference Proceedings: Arte Alem Da Arte / Art Beyond Art (Porto Alegre, 2018)

Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Systemic Relationships in Art – Art Beyond Art

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  • Introduction
    Maria Amélia Bulhões, Bruna Fetter and Nei Vargas
  • The Biennalization of the World – What’s next? Challenges and Demands of Biennales today from the example of the Jakarta Biennial 2017
    Sabiha Keyif
  • Collecting Today: Persistence and Fissures in the Global Art Market
    Adelaide Duarte
  • Metamorphosis of the Contemporary Art System in the 21st Century 
    Alexandre Melo
  • Criticism of the Southern Institutionality: Micro and Macro in the Case of Abstraction in Chile 
    Ramón Castillo



Lecture series: Bienniales in Transition (Porto Alegre, April 2018)

8 April 2018
Andrea Buddensieg

The recent history of biennials has gone through several stages and is closely linked to the expansion of what is called global art. The first stage dates back to the 1990s. At the time, biennials began to expand around the world. Initially counting about 20 events, today there are more than 200 and this number continues to grow. The reason for this growth of biennials from China to South America, from Gulf States to Asia is based on the fact that global art production has expanded massively. On the other hand, institutions for the presentation of art did not expand proportionally in quantity and, above all, in their budgets. After the boom in the opening of contemporary art museums (MOCA), biennials took on the role of transmitting international art and connecting with local art. Thus, curators became the principal agents of this period. In 2011, we documented this development in the exhibition “The Global Contemporary and the Rise of New Art Worlds” in Karslruhe, ZKM, with the help of data visualization that shows the migration of artists and curators around the world. The point, however, is that we are now approaching a new stage in which the biennial’s function is undergoing profound changes and that the questions asked so far may have to be re-examined in the face of new facts and new objectives.

Conf: Between Exhibition and Fair (Bologna, 2-3 Feb, 2018)


International conference promoted by Arte Fiera and organised by the Iuav University of Venice, under the patronage of the University of Bologna.


Arte Fiera was the first art fair of its kind in Italy (1974) and one of the first in Europe. A vibrant cultural and artistic community attends the event. The 2018 edition is the ideal opportunity for artists, critics, editors to re-unite and discuss a recent and growing phenomenon, the hybridization between exhibitions and fairs, which are tending to overlap more frequently. A topic which, despite growing interest, is covered very little by scholars. This is perhaps due to the discomfort between the association of art to the market.

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