PUBL: Conference Proceedings: Arte Alem Da Arte / Art Beyond Art (Porto Alegre, 2018)

Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Systemic Relationships in Art – Art Beyond Art

available free of charge in PDF and EPUB format.
Download below. English abstracts available.


  • Introduction
    Maria Amélia Bulhões, Bruna Fetter and Nei Vargas
  • The Biennalization of the World – What’s next? Challenges and Demands of Biennales today from the example of the Jakarta Biennial 2017
    Sabiha Keyif
  • Collecting Today: Persistence and Fissures in the Global Art Market
    Adelaide Duarte
  • Metamorphosis of the Contemporary Art System in the 21st Century 
    Alexandre Melo
  • Criticism of the Southern Institutionality: Micro and Macro in the Case of Abstraction in Chile 
    Ramón Castillo



FIT Art Market Panel: The Map Is Not The Territory, 9 Feb, NY

The Map is Not the Territory: Globalism in the New York Art World  will explore the way global contemporary art — including work from previously overlooked regions — is presented in institutional and commercial settings.

Museum exhibitions and acquisitions, academic scholarship and art criticism, and gallery and auction house sales increasingly reflect an expanded geography. What challenges and opportunities does this new global consciousness present?

Jason Farago (US art critic for the Guardian)
Touria El Glaoui (Founder, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair)
Sara Raza (Guggenheim UBS Map Curator, Middle East and North Africa)
Allan Schwartzman (Founder, Art Agency, Partners and Chairman, Fine Art Division, Sotheby’s)

Free and open to the public
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