CFP: Art & Medium(s) in Contemporary History of Art (Bogota, 24-26 Oct 18)


Universidad de Los Andes
October 24 – 26, 2018

Deadline: Jun 30, 2018

VIII Art History Symposium, Art History Department at Universidad de Los Andes

Keynote speakers: Carol Armstrong (Yale University),  Andrew Uroskie (Stony Brook University)

Video, photography, and cinema have played key roles for identifying the challenges and prospects of twenty-first century history of art, regarding how to question, critically reformulate, and overcome modernist notions and models of medium specificity. They have also helped to enrich both inter/transdisciplinary approaches in the contemporary history of art and our understanding of art produced in different mediums, before and after modern times. In this direction, the VIII Art History Symposium at the Universidad de los Andes invites proposals for individual papers discussing and examining some of the methodological, analytical or theoretical new challenges and prospects for the discipline concerning the relationship between art and mediums in art works (in a wide sense of the term) produced in any time, place, and medium(s). Papers may include responses to, but are by no means limited by the following approaches. Continue reading “CFP: Art & Medium(s) in Contemporary History of Art (Bogota, 24-26 Oct 18)”