ANN: Workshop Plunder of Art and Heritage in Belgium during the Second World War – 14 juin 2019

Il y a peu, Patricia Grimsted, professeure américaine spécialiste du pillage des œuvres d’art et du patrimoine par les nazis en Europe durant  la Seconde Guerre mondiale, a pris contact avec un certain nombre de chercheurs belges concernant la poursuite de projets de recherche et de publications en cours.

En réponse à cette demande, l’Amsab-ISH – en coopération avec le CegeSoma  – a récemment lancé un projet de volontariat coordonné par Michel Vermote.

Plusieurs chercheurs de divers centres de recherche en Belgique ont été impliqués dans cette recherche.

Le CegeSoma et l’Amsab-ISH organisent un workshop à Bruxelles le 14 juin 2019 pour faire le point sur les recherches passées, les avancées récentes et évaluer les possibilités de perspectives futures.

La rencontre débutera par une présentation des initiatives récentes de Patricia Grimsted. Les chercheurs présents seront ensuite invités à faire part de leurs commentaires et suggestions.

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Forum: Objects of Contention, Spoils from the Yuanmingyuan

British Museums, 15 August and 25 September 2017

In the autumn of 1860 British and French troops looted the Yuanmingyuan, the lavish garden estate of the Qing emperors. Campaign members then returned to Europe rich with spoils. Imperial Chinese objects from the estate, many created by imperial command, have since taken unexpected trajectories in private collections and public museums.

Objects of Contention was inspired by one special object within this history: a fragment of a Qing imperial revolving vase, once housed in the Surrey Infantry Museum, Clandon Park. In the spring of 2015, fire ravaged Clandon Park and destroyed the regimental museum. Sherds of the vase have since been recovered.

The panels will take a new look at the spoliation and the military collections formed in its aftermath, the evolving position of Yuanmingyuan artefacts in UK collections, and institutional strategies for handling this material today. On September 25th

Panel One: Looting the Yuanmingyuan, Plunder and Prize
August 15, 2017
5:30 – 8:30pm
The Institute of Historical Research, Wolfson Room I
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

John Roote: The Logistics of Loot. Who were the looters of the Summer Palace? What did they take and why? How did they transport their spoils to Europe and beyond? The quantity, and to some extent the make-up, of Summer Palace loot has long been controversial – how much treasure was really taken and where is it today?

Kate Hill: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Yuanmingyuan, Or: How the Allied Armies Had a Lost Weekend in China, Struck Gold & Won the Second Opium War. A new look at the looting of the Yuanmingyuan, how it happened and why.

Steve Johnson: The Surrey Regiments in China. The curator of the Surrey Infantry Museum will discuss the involvement of The Queen’s Royal Regiment and The East Surrey Regiment in the China campaigns of 1860–63, and introduce artefacts from China in the museum collection, including the revolving vase. Sherds of the vase may be available for inspection. TO BE CONFIRMED.

Amy Miller: Globetrotters Collecting the East: trope, treasure & personal appropriation, 1870-1900. In the late 19th century, China was an essential stop on the ‘Around the World Tour’, for Western travellers, who brought home emblems of the ‘East’, such as pieces looted from Yuanmingyuan in 1860 and appropriated from the site later as ‘souvenirs’. These material tropes reflected a vision of the ‘Orient’ created at the interstices of culture, politics, trade and travel, filtered through the personal experiences of globetrotting.

RVSP appreciated but not required:

Panel Two: Yuanmingyuan Artefacts in UK museums
September 25, 2017
1:30 – 5:00pm
The Institute of Historical Research, Wolfson Room I
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Kate Hill: A Porcelain Puzzle A curious vase and its history.

Rose Kerr & Colin Sheaf: 18th century imperial porcelain and its impact in the 19th – 21st centuries

Open floor discussion of the vase

Liu Yang: British and French Museum Collections of Yuanmingyuan cultural relics

Louis Tythacott: The Yuanmingyuan in Britain and France: Collecting and Displaying Objects from the ‘Summer Palace’ in the West This talk will examine the succession of Western meanings and values attributed to objects from China’s Yuanmingyuan, or ‘Summer Palace’, over the past 150 years – their existence as commodities in auction houses from the 1860s; their displays in international exhibitions and public museums in Britain and France; and their status as ‘trophies of war’ in military museums in the UK.

Dialogue on museums, heritage & restitution
RVSP appreciated but not required:

CFP: Art Crime and Stolen Heritage, Session at EAA (Maastricht, 30 Aug-3 Sep 17)

Deadline: Mar 15, 2017

Art Crime and Stolen Heritage: Towards an Archaeological Consensus

Organizers: James Symonds, Nour A. Munawar, Lindsay Morehouse, Christine Acosta Weirich, Marina Lostal, Jens Notroff

The looting of archaeological sites is by no means a recent phenomenon and has been taking place in war zones for centuries. The incidence of illicit trade has, however, been significantly influenced in recent years by the growth of international art markets that are willing to accept/sell unprovenanced items. Examples of the privatisation of public monuments have added to the loss of cultural heritage by placing items in private hands. Additionally, social media platforms/cost sharing applications have provided readily accessible markets for art objects and archaeological artefacts.

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ANN: Art & Law (Cambridge, 18 Jan-8 Mar 17)

Cambridge Art History Research Seminar Series on the theme ‘ART & LAW’

Cambridge, Department of History of Art, January 18 – March 8, 2017

 The series will commence on Wednesday, 18th January and take place every Wednesday at 5:00pm in Lecture Room 2 at the Department of History of Art. All are welcome to attend.

18 January
Jilleen Nadolny (Principal Investigator, Art Analysis & Research)
Connoisseurship, Provenance and the Laboratory: Establishing Authenticity in the 21st Century Art World

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