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The 2017 symposium has been convened and will be moderated by Christel Hollevoet-Force, PhD, Associate Research Curator in Modern and Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This two-day event will be organized and hosted by Veronique Chagnon-Burke, PhD, Academic Director at Christie’s Education New York. It will comprise 11 talks, including opportunities for Q&As and open discussions. Sessions will look at seminal dealers such as Durand-Ruel and Kahnweiler, artists like Cézanne and Picasso, and names still active in the art market, such as Gimpel and Lefevre.

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Research going on: Julia May Boddewyn on ‘The Valentine Gallery’


The Valentine Gallery

From 1926 to 1947 the Valentine Gallery was a center for modern art on East 57th Street in New York. The gallery’s founder and director, F. Valentine Dudensing (1892-1967), presented the work of contemporary artists — both European and American — to an often skeptical audience. Originally called F. Valentine Dudensing Gallery, the name was shortened to Valentine Gallery in 1927 to avoid confusion with the gallery run by Dudensing’s father and brothers; Dudensing Galleries specialized in American art and at that time had recently relocated to 57th Street.

Julia May Boddewyn is the creator of this website:

“I created the website about the Valentine Gallery because I wanted to correct misinformation that has been published and to share some of the interesting information that I have discovered in the course of my research.  I am trying to reconstruct an inventory of the works that were sold through the gallery because the gallery’s sales records lack critical details, such as title, date, and size.  The website is a way for me to reach out to museums, collectors, and dealers who might have a work that includes the Valentine Gallery in its provenance.  My hope is that with this information I can continue to fill in the missing pieces of this puzzle.”

Julia May Boddewyn is an Independent Researcher based in New York.  She has been studying the Valentine Gallery of New York (1926-1947) and the role of the founder, F. Valentine Dudensing for a number of years now. She is interested in the role Dudensing played in selling works by the School of Paris to American collectors. Julia is also a TIAMSA member.