CONF: Co-Constituting the Global (Berlin, 22 Jun 18)

Co-Constituting the Global

ICI Berlin
Christinenstraße 18-19, Haus 8
June 22, 2018
3:00 -9:00 p.m.

Public part of the 2-day working session programme of Global Asia / Pacific Art Exchange (GAX) 2018 in Berlin

Co-constituting the Global addresses the lived entanglements of the global that are not adequately theorized by notions of the global and the local, which bifurcate experiences that are necessarily co-constituting. It will take up the question of how artworks, artists, cultural producers, art historians, historians, and theorists who simultaneously exist on multiple and intertwining scales, co-constitute the global in relation with one another through meaning making/world-making processes of (critical) interconnecting, social networks, transnational/transcultural historiography, the circulation of objects, and imagined communities. Continue reading “CONF: Co-Constituting the Global (Berlin, 22 Jun 18)”

STIP: 2 research fellowships ‘The Benin Bronzes’ (01.01.2018, Hamburg)

2 Promotionsstip. “Die Benin-Bronzen. Die Globalisierung des kolonialen Kunstraubs” (Univ. Hamburg)

Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, 01.01.2018

Bewerbungsschluss: 01.11.2017

Das Historische Seminar (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zimmerer) in der Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften an der Universität Hamburg vergibt zum 1.1.2018 zwei Promotionsstipendien für das von der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung geförderte Projekt “Die Benin-Bronzen. Die Globalisierung des kolonialen Kunstraubs”.

Im Jahre 1897 plünderten Truppen der britischen Kolonialarmee im Zuge einer angeblichen “Strafexpedition” den Königspalast von Benin City im heutigen Nigeria, vertrieben den amtierenden Oba und gliederten das bis dahin unabhängige Edo-Königreich Benin dem britischen Kolonialreich an. Continue reading “STIP: 2 research fellowships ‘The Benin Bronzes’ (01.01.2018, Hamburg)”

CONF: Objects of Exchange: Art and Economic Encounters (Paris, 7-8 Sep 17)

International Symposium
Institut National d’Histoire de l’art (INHA)
Paris, 07. – 08.09.2017

Org. Alexander Alberro (Columbia University), Sophie Cras (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Exchange is classically described by economists as a phenomenon of equalization of values within a given system. When heterogeneous orders of economic rationalities meet, material objects and practices come to embody the paradoxes of dissonant exchange. This symposium aims to explore how artifacts and artistic practices have materialized ruptures within, and encounters between, economic systems in the modern and contemporary period.


7 September 2017

2.oo pm / Introduction, Alexander Alberro (Columbia University) & Sophie Cras (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) Continue reading “CONF: Objects of Exchange: Art and Economic Encounters (Paris, 7-8 Sep 17)”

CONF: A difficult legacy. Colonial objects and postcolonial insights – Schwieriges Erbe. Koloniale Objekte — Postkoloniales Wissen

Conference 24 April, 2017

Linden-Museum, Hegelplatz 1, 70174 Stuttgart

Abteilung für Ethnologie, Universität Tübingen; Ludwig-Uhland-Institut
für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft, Universität Tübingen; Linden-Museum
Stuttgart, Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde
Registration deadline 06.04.2017

How does one engage with colonial objects in museums? Which insights do these objects provide and how can they be exhibited? What do these objects tell us about our present society? More…. (in German)