L: Raphael for Prince Eugene of Savoy (Vienna, 13 Dec,17)

Raphael for Prince Eugene of Savoy: The Oeuvre in the Albertina, Its Provenance and the Role of the Mariette
Lecture by Antoinette Friedenthal


13 December 2017, 6.15pm

Institut für Kunstgeschichte
Universitätscampus Hof 9
Seminarraum 1
Garnisongasse 13
1090 Vienna

The genesis of Prince Eugene of Savoy’s outstanding  collection of prints has hardly been researched so far. One of its most prized holdings, particularly coveted by the Prince, is an extensive Raphael oeuvre (today in the Albertina), consisting of seven large folio volumes that contain the prints after Raphael by contemporary and later engravers. Like the bulk of the collection, the Raphael oeuvre had been assembled and catalogued in 1717/18 by the Parisian bookseller, publisher and print dealer Jean Mariette in cooperation with his now more famous son Pierre-Jean Mariette. The lecture by Antoinette Friedenthal – who is currently preparing an annotated edition of the correspondence between Jean Mariette and Pierre-Jean Mariette, 1717-1719 – will explore this important chapter in the history of connoisseurship.

Link: http://kunstgeschichte.univie.ac.at/einzelansicht/news/raffael-fuer-prinz-eugen-das-oeuvre-in-der-albertina-seine-provenienz-und-die-rolle-der-mariette/

Conf: Collecting Raphael (Rome, 12-14 Oct, 17)

Enclosed, please find the program to the conference

Collecting Raphael.
Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino  nelle collezioni e nella storia  del collezionismo

Organizzazione scientifica: Sybille Ebert-Schifferer, Claudia La Malfa

Convegno internazionale

Bibliotheca Hertziana
Istituto Max Planck per la storia dell’arte
Villino Stroganoff, Via Gregoriana 22, 00187 Roma

American University of Rome
Auditorium, Via Pietro Roselli 16, 00153 Roma

Speakers include
Carly Collier, Marzia Faietti, Antoinette Friedenthal, Barbara Pezzini, Robert Skwirblies and Catherine Whistler.

Raphael_Conf_2017-Rome (pdf., 596 kb)

CONF: Collecting Raphael, Rome, Oct 2017

Collecting Raphael – Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino in the collections and in the history of collecting


merz_cfp_es_klein_01In view of the forthcoming 500th anniversary celebration of Raphael’s death (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, Urbino 1483 – Rome 1520), an international conference to focus on the reception of Raphael and the history of collections will draw together scholars of collecting and history of taste with curators of the main collections of Raphael’s paintings and drawings in both Italy and abroad. The conference, organised by Sybille Ebert-Schifferer and Claudia La Malfa, will be held at the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte, in Rome in October 2017.

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