CONF: Video Art Distribution (Duesseldorf, 8-9 May 18)

Stiftung imai c/o NRW-Forum, Ehrenhof 2

Duesseldorf, May 8 – 09, 2018

Video Art Distribution: From Alternative Art Market to Commercialization
Symposium of the imai Foundation

Since the 1970s, specialized distributors have emerged worldwide in response to the ever-evolving video art. As an alternative to the traditional gallery system, video art distributors have come up with innovative structures in order to sell and distribute such works of art. In 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix in New York has established itself as an important pioneering institution of this kind. Over the following years, other initiatives such as London Video Arts (now LUX), Amsterdam-based MonteVideo and Time Based Arts (later Netherlands Media Art Institute, now LIMA), Toronto-based Vtape, Tokyo-based Video Gallery Scan and Cologne-based 235 Media were founded. Many of them survive to this day while others have been restructured and continue to exist in a different logistical form. Although the distribution concepts in question have had lasting influence on the art system, this phenomenon has barely received any attention within the field of Art and Media Studies.

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Conference: Probing Provenance: Sources, Methods and Implications

Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HU, March 28, 2018
Registration deadline: Mar 27, 2018


A Workshop for Researchers in the History of Collecting, Provenance and Art Market, organised by the Society for the History of Collecting

Date: 28 March 2018

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