TOC: Bruno Alfieri, Leo Castelli and Robert Rauschenberg, by Graham Smith

Visual Resources XXXIII/3-4, 2017

Visual Resources. An International Journal on Images and their Uses.
Published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis.

Vol. XXXIII no.3-4 is now published, print and online:

From the Table of Contents:

Bruno Alfieri, Leo Castelli and Robert Rauschenberg: Metro and the Introduction of Rauschenberg into Italy
by Graham Smith

Reference: TOC: Visual Resources XXXIII/3-4, 2017. In:, Oct 11, 2017. <>.

Visual Resources, Volume XXXIII, Nos. 1-2, 2017

The latest number of the journal Visual Resources, published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis, presents a Special Issue Guest-Edited by MEAGHAN CLARKE and FRANCESCO VENTRELLA (University of Sussex), entitled ‘Women’s Expertise and the Culture of Connoisseurship’.
This issue has many articles that may interest the historian of the art market (especially appealing for those concerned with the linkages between the market and art historiography), such as ‘Mrs. Berenson, Mrs. Gardner and Miss Toplady: Connoisseurship, Collecting and Commerce in London (1898–1905)‘ by MACHTELT ISRAELS, and  ‘“This Feminine Scholar”: Belle da Costa Greene and the Shaping of J.P. Morgan’s Legacy‘, by art market scholar FLAMINIA GENNARI SANTORI.

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