TIAMSA Live Book Discussion No. 4 – Georgina Walker: The Private Collector’s Museum. Public Good Versus Private Gain (online 25 Nov 2021, 12 noon CET)

TIAMSA is happy to announce a fourth book discussion, focussing on Georgina Walker’s book “The Private Collector’s Museum“. Following our trusted format, a brief presentation of the book by the author Georgina Walker will be followed by a discussion with Dr Christopher Marshall (University of Melbourne) and Dr Kathryn Brown (Loughborough University). As usual, the event will be moderated by Kim Oosterlinck (Université libre de Bruxelles). All attendants will be invited to join the discussion!

This event takes place via Zoom, 12pm CET, 25 Nov 2021.
To attend, please register with sharon.dowley@artmarketstudies.org.

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About the book:
The Private Collector’s Museum connects the rising popularity of private museums with evolving models of collecting and philanthropy, and new inter-relationships between private and public space. It examines how contemporary collectors construct museums to frame themselves as cultural arbiters of global distinction.

By exploring a range of in-depth contemporary case studies, the book aims for a more complex understanding of the private collector’s museum, assessing how it is realised, funded and understood in a broader cultural context. It examines the ways in which this particular museum model has evolved within a historical Western tradition of collecting and museum-building, and considers how private museums will endure alongside their public counterparts. It also sheds light on the shifting patterns of collecting, such as the transition of personal art collections into the public sphere. The developments are situated within the wider context of private–public engagement in general.

Providing a new analysis of philanthropy, public access and the museum, The Private Collector’s Museum is essential reading for scholars and students interested in the private museum, and key reading for those interested in related issues.

About the author:
Georgina S. Walker is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia and teaches in Art History, Curatorial and Museum Studies. She has developed a significant academic profile in the emerging field of private museums and cultural philanthropy at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and internationally, with her doctoral dissertation published almost immediately as an academic book in the influential Routledge Research in Museum Studies series.  

Her forthcoming monograph with Routledge entitled, The Rise of the Contemporary Private Art Museum: China, Japan, South Korea and the Arabian Peninsula (working title) will further contribute to this new and growing field of collectors and private museums.