TIAMSA Member News – CONF: “Recovering Women’s Legacies: Artists, Dealers, Collectors, and Patrons” (online, Wildenstein Plattner Institute / Frick Art Reference Library, 2 / 9 June 2021)

On 2 June and on 9 June, the Center for the History of Collecting at the Frick Art Reference Library and The Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI) are hosting a Wednesday lunchtime series spotlighting archival resources on important women who shaped visual culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Part One: “Archives Revealed”, Wednesday, June 2, 12–1pm

With: Sandrine Canac, Director of Digital Archival Projects, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute; Samantha Rowe, Digital Archivist and Research Associate, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute; Sally Brazil, Associate Chief Librarian for Archives and Records Management at The Frick Collection

Part Two: “Digital Research Methodologies”, Wednesday, June 9, 12–1pm

With: Elizabeth Gorayeb, Executive Director, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute; Jennifer Gimblett, Senior Researcher and Project Manager, The Paintings of Paul Gauguin, 1891–1903, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute; Louisa Wood Ruby, Head of Research, The Frick Art Reference Library (PHAROS and Computer Vision); Samantha Deutch, Assistant Director of the Center for the History of Collecting at the Frick Art Reference Library (ARIES and Archives Directory)

For more information see: https://wpi.art/2021/05/10/recovering-womens-legacies-artists-dealers-collectors-and-patrons/