TIAMSA Member News: On 6 May TIAMSA Legal Co-Hosted the Conference “Block Chain and the Art Market – Hype or Revolution?” (Christie’s, London)

For the second time, TIAMSA Legal, the legal group within TIAMSA partnered with Libralex and Christie’s Education to organise an Art Law Conference, this time generously hosted by Christie’s in London (after a first conference 2019 at Christie’s in New York City, co-organized by Libralex, TIAMSA Legal, Christie’s Education and the Center for Art Law Brooklyn). 

On 3 panels, the conference discussed legal, economic and technical aspects of blockchain applications for the art market, NFTs and fractionalised ownership of art. Panelists included, amongst others, an NFT artist, collectors, entrepreneurs, investment experts, lawyers, provenance researchers and representative of the art trade.

TIAMSA is proud to share some impressions of this well-attended event.

Keynote Speech by Dirk Boll, President Europe & U.K., Middle East, Russia, India at Christie’s 
Welcome remarks by Katharina Garbers-von Boehm, Libralex
Welcome remarks by Philipp Nuernberger, TIAMSA Legal
Panel I: NFT – Tokenized Artworks: What You See Is What You Get? 
Panelist Sylvain Levy, DSL Collection
Panel II: Do tokens finally make art an asset class like any other? 
Panel III: The Provenance of Art. Will Provenance Research and Due Diligence Ever Be Replaced by the Blockchain?