TIAMSA Member News: PUB – The Pi-eX MACRO 2019 Annual Report on Auction Sales

The Pi-eX MACRO 2019 Annual Report summary provides an overview of the combined worldwide auction results over the past decade (2010 to 2019) at the three major auction houses: CHRISTIE’S, SOTHEBY’S & PHILLIPS.

The report summary can be downloaded by TIAMSA members for free.

Additional insights on auction sales are available in Pi‐eX 2019 Annual Tailored Reports whether focusing on a particular auction house, art market location, type of sale (evening, day or online), etc. on pi-ex.co

Pi‐eX Ltd is a London based, FCA regulated, broker dealer. The company provides analytical and financial tools, specifically designed for art collectors and art investors. In addition to reports on particular artists, Pi‐eX issues reports on repeating auctions scheduled across the calendar year as well as annual, quarterly and monthly reports on all auctions arranged by Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips.