TIAMSA News: ANN: Panel Discussion – (Un)limited Transformation? DIGITALISATION in the art market. Status quo and future prospects (ZADIK @ Art Cologne 2021, 20 Nov, 11:30-13:00 CET; in German)

The subject of digitalisation has been of interest for years, also in the art market. Especially as a result of the pandemic, new digital formats have been surfacing that appear to be providing competition for the previous analogue platforms for the mediation of art, such as galleries, but also art fairs. Are online exhibitions or digital sales platforms a threat to the classic art market, and possibly to the art fair format? Or can they be seen as complementing them? Which digital channels signal the future for art fairs and galleries in particular, and which are less productive? What is the present status quo considering the current situation in the debate between digital vs. analogue, and where are trends and developments heading in the 2020s? How can one summarise developments from the past months of the pandemic, and what are the prospects?

Panel guests:
Dr. Corina Krawinkel | Art collector, Cologne
Ruth Gudrun Wurlitzer | Artcrater, Berlin
Daniel von Schacky | Schacky Art, Düsseldorf
Iris Handke | ARTE Generali Germany

apl. Prof. Dr. Nadine Oberste-Hetbleck | ZADIK, Central Archive for German and International Art Market Studies, University of Cologne

This panel discussion is organized by Art Cologne in cooperation with ZADIK (Central Archive for German and International Art Market Studies, University of Cologne)

20 Nov, 11:30-13:00 CET, Koelnmesse, Congress-Saal, Congress Centrum Ost
Compulsory registration: m.hoffmann@uni-koeln.de who will send you a code for a free ticket to the event as well as to Art Cologne for 20.11.2021 via email.

For more information: www.artcologne.de/events/panels/podiumsdiskussion