TIAMSA News – Cherith Summers: Radical Female Role Models: A Blueprint For Success As An “Outsider” – Publication of a contribution from TIAMSA’s past half-day conference on Refugee Art Dealers in Britain (2 Nov 2019)

On 2 November 2019, Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London hosted a conference organised by The International Art Market Studies Association on the topic of Refugee Art Dealers in Britain. For the occasion, art historian, curator, and author Cherith Summers presented a paper which outlined her theory that Hanover Gallery’s proprietor, Erica Brausen, may have found in Johanna (Mutter) Ey, a gallerist from Brausen’s native city of Dusseldorf, a blueprint for success as an “outsider”.

Read Summer’s revealing insights into the history of these two powerful pioneers of art business here.

Erica Brausen in her gallery (Ida Kar)