TIAMSA News: Invitation to participate: The Pure Taste Indicator: a new reference model for the art world

ODBK* is a berlin-based organization working towards building grass root projects to diversify and increase the number of active participants in the decision making defining the current and future art world. We advocate for art to be an accessible shared experience for all world participants regardless of factors such as income, social status, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and any other potentially altering kind of identity. 

Many sings indicate that the current art world seems undemocratic and unequal when it comes not only to museums and art galleries, but also art press, funding, research and art market. Recent events amplified the centralization of power in the hands of a few players,  holding back museums from being inclusive equitable organizations.

The Pure Taste Indicator (PTI), a new reference model for the art world created by ODBK. The current art world measures the importance of the artist and value of their artworks based on fame, the PTI instead measures those variables based on the knowledge and taste in art of representative groups that compose the art world. 

The mechanism of the PTI is calculated using participatory economics model, demarchy and international referendums to introduce equal distribution of funds, income and opportunities; while representing the art knowledge and taste of a coalition of three groups: artists, art institutions and art lovers that make decisions pertaining to contemporary art. 

These three groups form the Art Market Regulation Committee (AMARC) and together decide the cap-prices of artworks, the distribution of funds and the selection of artists for exhibitions. This new model to measure the value of art, is free from hidden variables that plague the art system such as manipulation, traffic of influence, speculation, corruption and many others. The Pure Taste Indicator also allows artists to fairly evaluate their artwork’s price, collect references to include in their CV, and receive feedback from top art world experts. 

This is an invitation to join the ODBK/AMARC to all the international community of experts in art. Your support is indispensable to introduce a system-change aiming to restore equality and democracy in the art world and to ensure the protection of these values. 

Join the ODBK/AMARC at https://www.odbk.tk/registration-at-odbk/ .
If you want to know more about the ODBK and PTI visit us at our website www.odbk.tk or write us to info@odbk.tk 

*The Organization for the Democratization of Visual Arts (ODBK) was founded by mixed media artist and activist David Hinojosa Admann out of the desire to make a system-changing initiative for a more equal, diverse, and democratic art world.