TIAMSA News: The Spanish Art Market after the Crisis (open access publication), ed. by TIAMSA Member Ana Vico Belmonte (Special Issue of: La Albolafia. Revista de Humanidades y Cultura, 2020, in Spanish)

La Albolafia Magazine, a Spanish publication focused on texts related to Humanities and Culture, has dedicated its latest issue entirely to the Art Market under the coordination of two professors from the Master of Art Market at UDIMA University, Spain. 

The issue contributes to a better understanding of the Spanish Art Market today through the collection of a wide variety of accurate analyzes on very different aspects such as the state of the question in relation to the impact of the Internet on business, the peculiarities of numismatic collecting, the marketing strategies used by the main auction houses, the Spanish fair sector with special attention to Feriarte, the always difficult economic valuation of the objects of this market, business price policy and the redistributive power of the State through taxes, investment in works of art, the existing legal possibilities for the transfer of pieces outside Spain, cases of international restitution of works of art or the protection of underwater archaeological heritage, among others.

The coordinating professors close this special issue with their own articles. Paloma Villarreal analyzes the idea of ​​the art market, from the coordinates of Gustavo Bueno’s philosophical materialism and Ana Vico gets in depth on the transformations that can already be observed because of the impact caused by the epidemic of Covid-19 in the economic structure of the economic agents involved in the sector.

The complete issue of La Albolafia Magazine can be found here.