TIAMSA News: TIAMSA Workshop at the CAA chaired by Anne-Sophie Radermecker, Université libre de Bruxelles / B.A.E.F Fellow at Duke University, Chicago, Thursday 13 February 2020, 12:30-13:30

The artist’s name is one of the most important pricing determinants that significantly affects the economic value of art. However, unattributed or indeterminate works of art – namely pieces from any time and geographical area whose author’s name and/or origins are unknown – represent a large proportion of the art trade. Based on a cross-disciplinary approach, this one-hour TIAMSA meeting will specifically focus on the historical origins of anonymous paintings in order to discuss the implications that their particular status might have on both the study and understanding of the art markets. This issue and related methodological concerns will be addressed in three short presentations, followed by a general discussion:

Blandine Landau, Curator and PhD Candidate, Université Lyon 2 / Duke University / Université du Luxembourg: Branding the Name: Using a Famous Name to Sell Anonymous Pieces. The Case of Bosch

Felipe Alvarez de Toledo, PhD Candidate, Duke University: Archives, Data Mining and Indeterminate Artworks. The Art Market of Seville Database (1500-1700)

Hans J. Van Miegroet, Professor Art & Markets Duke Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Director DALMI: Mapping Markets 2.0 and the Future of Data-driven Art Market Research

This meeting is open to all participants at the CAA conference interested in history of art markets and attribution issues, as well as the general public. On this occasion a new international, digital and collaborative research project, dedicated to emerging early modern art markets, will be introduced by Prof. Hans J. Van Miegroet.

Registration for the CAA conference is not required to attend this one-hour TIAMSA workshop.