TOC: Journal of the History of Collections, Vol. 30, No. 1

Journal of the History of Collections

Volume 30, Issue 1


Seventeenth-century plant lists and herbarium collections: a case study from the Oxford Physic Garden
Stephen A Harris

Natural history collections and the book: Hans Sloane’s A Voyage to Jamaica (1707–1725) and his Jamaican plants
Edwin D Rose

Provenance and identity of a large bronze statue currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Paul N Pearson

Van Dyck paintings in Stuart royal inventories, 1639–1688
Erin Griffey

Negotiating an art deal in eighteenth-century Europe: Guido Reni’s Dispute and its acquisition by Sir Robert Walpole in 1731
Mattia Biffis

Provenance as a history of change: from Caliari in Scotland to Tintoretto in America: the commercial and connoisseurial trajectories of a Venetian portrait
Barbara Pezzini and Michael G Brennan

Pietro Tacca’s Fontane dei Mostri Marini: collecting copies at the end of the Gilded Age
Steven F Ostrow

St Michael defeating the Devil by Lorenzo Vaccaro: a sculpture to intercede for the souls of several important owners
Gloria Martínez Leiva

Vanity affairs: two collectors of Cypriot and Aegean antiquities examined
Luca Bombardieri

A skewed balance?: Examining the display and research history of the medieval collection at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
Bettina Ebert

Collecting and exhibiting ‘Austria’: a museological perspective on collections from the House of Habsburg to a ‘House of Austrian History’
Bernadette Biedermann

Landscape and the architecture of light: John Constable’s clouds at the Yale Center for British Art
Nina Amstutz


Jan van Kessel I (1626–79). Crafting a natural history of art in early modern Antwerp
Peter Mason

Collecting the World. The Life and Curiosity of Hans Sloane
Arthur MacGregor

Before Boas. The Genesis of Ethnography and Ethnology in the German Enlightenment
Jozien J Driessen van het Reve

Les Rothschild, une dynastie de mécènes en France
Tom Stammers

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