TOC: Journal of the History of Collections, Vol. 31, Issue 1


Cardinal Paluzzo Paluzzi degli Albertoni Altieri and his collection in the Palazzo Altieri: the evidence of the 1698 death inventory, Part II
Lisa Beaven; Karen J Lloyd

‘Remarkable objects of the three . . . main religions’: Judaica in early modern European collections
Noam Sienna

The literary legacy of the Düsseldorfer Gemäldegalerie
Renata Schellenberg

‘After the very rare original’: artist and antiquary the Revd John Brand
Sileas Wood

The Scaitcliffe armoury and museum: a monument to the ‘Lancashire hero’ at home, at war, and abroad (1810–1840)
Paul Grinke

A repository of virtue? The United Service Museum, collecting, and the professionalization of the British Armed Forces, 1829–1864
Nicole M Hartwell

Valuable so far as it goes: establishing zoology at Chicago’s Field Columbian Museum, 1893–1894
Paul D Brinkman

Treasures and collections in the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso and University of Alcalá: trophies, ‘spolia sancta’ and museum
Roberto González Ramos

‘Primitives’ in America: Frederick Mason Perkins and the Early Renaissance Italian paintings in the Lehman and Blumenthal collections
Fausto Nicolai

Sir Philip Sassoon at 25 Park Lane: the collection of an early twentieth-century connoisseur and aesthete
Marc Fecker

Carthaginian pottery in the collection of Izabela Działyńska, née Czartoryska
Inga Głuszek; Michał Krueger

Baron Ferdinand Rothschild’s sense of family origins and the Waddesdon Bequest in the British Museum
Dora Thornton

Book Reviews

The New World in Early Modern Italy, 1492–1750
Peter Mason

Ritratti di bronzo. Il Medagliere Orsini dei Musei Capitolini di Roma
Barbara Furlotti

Los Inventarios de Doña Juana de Austria, Princesa de Portugal (1535–1573)
Jeremy Warren

Chinese Porcelain in Habsburg Spain
Stephen McDowall

Charles I. King and collector
Timothy Wilks

Katalog der Skulpturen der Sammlung Wallmoden
Eloisa Dodero

Cultivating Commerce: Cultures of botany in Britain and France, 1760–1815
Stephen A Harris

The East India Company at Home, 1757–1857
Arthur MacGregor