TOMORROW – TIAMSA’s Session at the CAA Conference: „New Topics on Art Markets in East Central Europe” (11 February, 16:00-16:30 CET; in English)

Our academic session, “New topics on art markets in East Central Europe“ on 11 February is chaired by Andrej Srakar, and offers three fascinating papers by Feliks Tuszko (University of Warsaw), Jeffrey Taylor (Western State Colorado University), and Vitali Shchutski (University Paris 8) on a wide, little explored area of art market studies. The papers are pre-recorded and already available on the conference website.

It will be discussed in a live Q&A session on 11 February 10:00AM-10:30PM Eastern Time (US), i.e. 16:00-16:30 Central European Time.

The talks can be seen and the session attended by registering for the conference (unfortunately at a hefty fee which goes 100% to CAA; single day registration available).


Feliks Tuszko, University of Warsaw: “The process of artwork commodification in Poland as a key to understanding the relationship between local and global art markets”

Jeff Taylor, Western State Colorado University: “Understanding East-Central European Art Markets in the Longue Durée: The Example of Hungary 1800-2020”

Vitali Shchutski, University Paris 8: “Eastern-European art galleries in international contemporary art fairs”

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