Mission Statement

The study of art markets has gained remarkable momentum in recent years. Conferences, lectures publications and entire curricula are devoted to their history and their present state, addressing both general developments – such as the evolution of networks or questions of financialization – and the impact of particular market trends or art galleries and dealers on the history of taste and the “making” of certain artists and styles. The topic has attracted increasing attention in academic disciplines as diverse as art history, economics, sociology, anthropology, cultural and legal studies.

The growing interest in the provenance and changing fortunes of cultural artefacts has further strengthened the consensus that a study of the art trade can offer significant insights into the functioning of societies, economies and the history of art. The subject becomes presently all the more promising as new data, for instance on auction prices, gallery archives, or artists’ career trajectories, become available. At the same time, however, many of the market’s sources and documents are still largely unexplored or indeed undiscovered.

This exciting outlook is occasionally attenuated by difficulties, however. Among these are the dearth of specialized research centres and a lingering scepticism among some academics concerning the relevance of art market studies. Although mutual understanding, appreciation and reference to each other’s work is on the rise, there are only relatively few opportunities for exchange between art market scholars of different backgrounds. Moreover, students of the art market still lack many of the resources and networks common in other areas of professional and scholarly research. A group of twelve international scholars has therefore established

TIAMSA – The International Art Market Studies Association.

The purpose of our association is to support the understanding and study of art markets of all periods and geographic areas. It aims to encourage research by providing a platform for networking, gatherings and information exchange open to scholars, students and professionals alike.

Following the time-tested model of comparable scientific organizations, our association runs a website providing notable announcements on conferences, publications, lectures, exhibitions, etc., as well as reports and reviews; background information on the association; an occasional newsletter for members providing updates on TIAMSA developments and events; and a ‘members only’ area with special offers, discounts, and a list of members enhanced with contact information. The association also holds an annual conference while TIAMSA Groups offer a variety of events such as gatherings and field trips. An annual general meeting is scheduled to coincide with the conference.

TIAMSA is open to students, individuals, associations and institutions of all professional backgrounds and academic disciplines. Find out more about the people behind TIAMSA, its Founding Members and Board Members, by exploring Who is Who at TIAMSA.

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