Upcoming Events

Online, 25 March 2021, 18:00 CET – TIAMSA’s First “Live Book Discussion”

Every year an impressive number of books dedicated to the art markets are published. It is a challenge to keep pace with this increasing flow of publications, all the more so as it is sometimes difficult to find out if a book is of interest for a potential reader: book launches may have a promotional character and reviews of books usually take a long time to materialize. TIAMSA is therefore launching a new initiative called the “Live book discussion”.

In this format, the author will present her/his book and two scholars will then discuss the book’s merits but also interact with the author to further explore its contents and the author’s approach. This will be followed by a Q&A session open to all. A moderator will ensure the smooth flow of the event. TIAMSA will try to negotiate a members’ discount for the book in focus, but our selection of titles for these events will not depend on the availability of a discount.

The subject of our first discussion on Thursday 25 March 202118:00 CET is Diana Seave Greenwald’s new book: Painting by numbers. Data-Driven Histories of Nineteenth-Century Art. It will be discussed by Christian Huemer (Belvedere Research Centre, Vienna) and Filip Vermeylen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and moderated by Kim Oosterlinck (Université libre de Bruxelles). To attend, please register with TIAMSA Coordinator Inna Schill at inna.schill@artmarketstudies.org

Online, 6–7 May, 3 June, 15–16 July 2021 – TIAMSA’s Fourth Annual Conference, ‘The Art Market and the Museum: Ethics and Aesthetics of Institutional Collecting, Display and Patronage from c.1800 to the Present’, hosted by Edinburgh University and the National Galleries of Scotland.

Join us for the TIAMSA 2021 conference which will consider the historic and contemporary intersections of the art market and museums. How do museums affect the art market and how do art market stakeholders, including art dealers, collectors and patrons shape museum collections and affected exhibition practices, both historically and in more recent years? While we were hoping to meet for this conference in Edinburgh, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis means that we had to move this conference online. We are, however, looking into the option of holding an event in Edinburgh later in the year. Click here for our conference page.