Upcoming Events

Birmingham, Ikon Gallery and Barber Institute, 12-13 Jan 2018 – ‘Art on the Move’ Conference (supported by TIAMSA)

In the nineteenth century the circulation of works of art developed into its recognisably modern form. The forces of increasingly globalized capitalism, imperial routes and new means of transport, coupled with the growing reach of advertising and the press caused an unprecedented movement of artists, goods and materials. Larger audiences for art in newly founded museums and galleries across the world also contributed to, and benefitted from, this increased mobility of art. Nineteenth-century mobility still awaits a thorough art historical investigation. The two-day ‘Art on the Move’ Conference aims to map, examine and problematize this emerging field. It will coincide with an exhibition dedicated to the works of Birmingham born engraver, miniature portraitist and photographer Thomas Bock (c.1793–1855) at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Berlin, 27 January 2018, 3pm – Conversation with artist Susanne Kessler on her experiences and views of today’s art market

TIAMSA Berlin will host a conversation with Susanne Kessler, a widely exhibited painter and installation artist, exploring her experiences and views of today’s art trade and what it means to be an artist in an art world so strongly shaped by market forces. Please write to Christine Howald of TIAMSA Berlin you would like to participate.

Los Angeles, 21-24 Feb 2018 – TIAMSA Session at the CAA Conference

TIAMSA has recently joined the College Art Association (CAA, collegeart.org) as an affiliated society, entitling us to a session at the CAA conference. Our members Véronique Chagnon-Burke and Julie Reiss (both Christie’s Education, New York) responded to our call for session proposals and will convene a session entitled ‘Changing Hands: When Art History Meets the Art Market’. Date and time to be confirmed.

Los Angeles, 22 Feb 2018, 4.30pm-c.7.30pm – TIAMSA Visit to the Getty Archive and Provenance Index

Concurrent with the CAA conference, the Getty Research Center generously welcomes TIAMSA members for an inside tour of its archive, rich in holdings that illuminate the history of the art market – among them the legendary Knoedler archive. The visit will be complemented by a close-up view of one of the engine rooms of art market research, the Getty Provenance Index. Stay tuned for more information closer to the date.

Los Angeles, 23 Feb 2018, 12.30pm-1.30pm – TIAMSA ‘Business Meeting’ at the CAA Conference

Our ‘business meeting’ during the CAA conference will not be a somber affair! Open to TIAMSA members and those interested in our association, this friendly gathering will be organized to share and discuss with you the plans for the year and to listen to your ideas and concerns.