Upcoming Events

New York City, 15 February 2019, 12:30-1:30pm – Share and Connect: Databases for Art Market Studies; TIAMSA session at the College Art Association (CAA) Conference (Chaired by Clarissa Ricci, Iuav University of Venice and Sandra van Ginhoven, Getty Research Institute)

Databases and digital techniques frequently challenge current approaches to research, not least through the introduction of a new vocabulary. While this opens some exciting perspectives, the use of such tools requires careful consideration and modelling of key concepts and relationships. This ‘Share and Connect’ meeting is open both to TIAMSA scholars and other colleagues interested in the use of databases and digital techniques for art market studies who wish to share their different methodological approaches, questions and insights. The aim of the meeting is to form an international group around the use of databases in art market studies in order to expand our field of inquiry. It is open to all visitors of the CAA conference. If you would like to participate actively, please respond to our
CALL FOR PROJECTS (7-minute presentations): We seek short 7-minute presentations about novel and inspiring projects that highlight methodological issues encountered and how these were approached and/or resolved. The projects could be ongoing or finished, individual or collaborative, in which case one person must be appointed as presenter. To participate, please send a brief abstract (max 600 words) accompanied by a short bio of the project leader (max 300 words) by 31 December 2018 to clarissaricci@yahoo.it and svanginhoven@getty.edu. Selected projects will be announced by 7 January 2019 alongside the guidelines for the short presentations, which must be submitted by 31 January 2019. Please note that presenters and participants will have to purchase access to the 2019 CAA Conference in order to attend.

New York City, 13 February 2019, 8:30-10:00am – The Studio as Market (Chaired by Julie Codell, Arizona State University) – TIAMSA-Session at the CAA (College Art Association) Conference

Artists’ studios have been the site of workshops, collaboration, promotion, mystery, and myth, at times considered a hallowed space, at other times a disreputable one. They have also been the places of social, political, and economic transactions that shape aesthetic values. In the studio artists self-fashioned their social status and promoted their works. They invited critics, dealers, and patrons into their studios, turning the latter into sites that combined a presumed mysterious creative energy with economic exchange while purposely misapprehending economic considerations. This session will explore how artists – facing dwindling church and aristocratic patronage from the eighteenth century on – strategically entered the “free” market by using their studios to promote and sell works in conjunction with creating marketable public identities to engage buyers and generate symbolic capital for their name and their work. – Speakers, Titles and Abstracts may be found here. (Please note that you will have to purchase access to the 2019 CAA Conference in order to attend.)

Gustave Courbet, The Artist’s Studio, 1855, Paris – Musée d’Orsay

New York City, 14 February 2019 – Christie’s Education will again host our TIAMSA Reception at CAA

Renewing memories of our wonderful TIAMSA reception at CAA 2017, Christie’s Education will once again host a Valentine’s day early evening reception for us at Rockefeller Center. Thanks to our host and TIAMSA member Véronique Chagnon-Burke (Director, Christie’s Education NY) and her great team, we will enjoy networking and meeting new members in a highly convivial atmosphere. Stay tuned for details! We invite you to take out TIAMSA membership in oder to attend (waived for Christie’s associates/students); however, you will not require a CAA Conference registration.)

Lisbon, 20-21 November 2019 – TIAMSA’s Third Annual Conference on “The Art Market and the Global South: New Perspectives and Plural Approaches” at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, 21-22 November 2019

Our 2019 conference, hosted by the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon), is co-organized by the Institute of Art History, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, TIAMSA – The International Art Market Studies Association and the TIAMSA Subcommittee Art Market and Collecting: Portugal, Spain and Brazil, Universidad Nebrija (Madrid) and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil). It will address the developments, the disruptions and new perspectives that can be observed in the current art market as seen from the Global South – a term here meant to refer to emerging economies of the southern hemisphere (South America, Africa, India, South-Eastern Asia, Southern Europe, but not limited to these geographical areas) – and their contribution to the development of art markets worldwide.

A Janela Aberta, 1998, by Pedro Calapez, at Veritas Art Auctioneers