TIAMSA Conference Vienna 2018

Art for the People?
Questioning the Democratization of the Art Market

TIAMSA’s second international conference
Vienna, Thursday 27 Sept –  Saturday 29 Sept 2018

We had a wonderful return on our second Call for Papers for what was another exciting international conference! From London (2017 at Sotheby’s Institute of Art) we went to Vienna where three great institutions were teaming up to host us, namely the Belvedere Research Center, the Dorotheum and the Department of Art History at Vienna University. Once again, the conference not only presented a selection of papers approaching the theme from different, fascinating viewpoints, it also featured two special events, namely a guided tour of viennacontemporary, Austria’s international art fair, and a tour of the Belvedere Research Center. Additional highlights included a round table on the art market and the internet, a keynote lecture by Payal Arora (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) and the launching of TIAMSA Legal: have a look at the online programme or the pdf programme (pdf also available in a handy 6-page format). You may also browse the contents by looking at the conference abstracts (pdf).

(c) Pablo Helguera, http://openengagement.info/36-pablo-helguera/, 2014.

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