STIP: 2 Annual Grants (DFK Par­is; 09/18 – 08/19)

The DFK Paris’s extensive scholarship program enables young researchers to conduct research in France and to exchange their topics with the DFK team of researchers.

Annual Grants

The German Center for Art History (DFK Par­is) awards two annual grants (from September 2018 to August 2019)

The grants are mainly geared toward PhD and postdoctoral students in art history whose research projects are related to French art or art history. International candidates may apply. The candidates will be selected by the DFK Paris. Continue reading “STIP: 2 Annual Grants (DFK Par­is; 09/18 – 08/19)”

Job: W 1-Juniorprofessur “Ethnologie mit Schwerpunkt Kulturen der Ökonomie” (Univ. Konstanz)

Job: W 1-Juniorprofessur “Ethnologie mit Schwerpunkt Kulturen der Ökonomie”
(Univ. Konstanz)

Dead line 03.05.2018

Die Universität Konstanz ist seit 2007 in der Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder erfolgreich. In der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Sektion der Universität Konstanz, Fachbereich Geschichte und Soziologie, ist zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine W 1-Juniorprofessur für Ethnologie mit Schwerpunkt Kulturen der Ökonomie (auf 6 Jahre befristet) zu besetzen. Die Stelleninhaberin/der Stelleninhaber soll einen Beitrag in Forschung und Lehre der Fachgruppe Soziologie und in interdisziplinären Studiengängen leisten. Besonderer Wert wird auf eine wirtschaftsethnologische Ausrichtung auf Fragen nach den kulturellen Dimensionen von Ökonomie, eine hervorragende Dissertation und einschlägige empirische Forschungen mit ethnographischen Methoden gelegt. Von den Bewerberinnen/Bewerbern wird erwartet, zu interdisziplinären Verbundforschungsprojekten der Universität Konstanz beizutragen.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirsch
Universitätsstrasse 10
78464 Konstanz

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Call for Posters: Collecting Spain (London, 8-9 June 2018)

Call for Posters
“Collecting Spain”

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
8 and 9 June 2018

The aim of the conference is to study the collecting history and practices in the Spanish Decorative Arts in Britain and Spain from 1850 to the mid-20th century.

Organiser Ana Cabrera invites MA Students, PhD students and early career scholars to present a poster dealing with one of topics (collectors, art dealers, type of collections, development of the Decorative Art museums in Britain and Spain).
Posters do not necessarily have to focus on Spanish Decorative Arts in Britain, but can deal with any country/collection that includes Spanish Decorative Arts (see

Please check the websites for more information, and/or contact Ana Cabrera at

Reference: Collecting Spain

Job: PhD position “Trade and consumption of Atlantic commodities” (Univ. Bern)

Job: PhD position “Trade and consumption of Atlantic commodities
in the southern Alps” (Univ. Bern)

University of  Bern, Switzerland

Dead line: 15.06.2018

The Historical Institute of the University of Bern invites applications for a four-year PhD position in History. The position is scheduled to start on November 1, 2018.

The PhD student will be a member of the project “Atlantic Italies: Economic and Cultural Entanglements (15th-19th Centuries)”, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2018-2022) and directed by Dr. Roberto Zaugg. This project explores economic entanglements and related cultural phenomena (consumption, material culture, knowledge circulation) that developed between Italian-speaking territories and the Atlantic world. By focussing on connections linking European states without colonies to both sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas, the project embraces a decentred and trans-imperial approach to Atlantic history. At the same time, it contributes to current attempts to analyse early modern Italian territories in their global contexts. For more information, please refer to  Continue reading “Job: PhD position “Trade and consumption of Atlantic commodities” (Univ. Bern)”

CFP: Market Makes Culture: Works of Art Caught between the Poles of Culture and Markets

Market Makes Culture: Works of Art Caught between the Poles of Culture and Markets

Section 6 of the XXXV Congress of German Art Historians
at the Georg-August-Universität
in Göttingen (27 – 31 March 2019)

Although the stereotype of the “autonomous artist” has repeatedly been examined critically in art history over the course of the 20th century, it remains the more or less virulent starting point of many monographic investigations as well as exhibitions. The same can be said about works that are primarily understood and communicated in such contexts as manifestations of artistic genius. Although sociological and economical approaches have frequently been applied inart history in the past, up until this point, the specific (art) object as medium and object of action between the poles of economics and culture has rarely been analysed and discussed. Continue reading “CFP: Market Makes Culture: Works of Art Caught between the Poles of Culture and Markets”

Session at SECAC, Artists as Art Dealers (Birmingham, AL, 17-20 Oct, 2018)

“Artists Advancing the Cause: Artists as Art Dealers”

Birmingham, Alabama, United States
October 17-20, 2018
SECAC Sessions (pdf)

Artists have been acting as art agents for centuries. For example, late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century American artist John Trumbull maintained his painting career while scouting out work abroad for Thomas Jefferson. Printmaker Samuel P. Avery transitioned from his printmaking career to becoming a full-time art dealer in the late nineteenth century. Art historian Laura Corey has recently examined how Mary Cassatt served as unofficial (and unpaid) art agent to advance the careers of her Impressionist artist friends. In the early twentieth century, photographer Alfred Stieglitz introduced avant-garde art in New York. Continue reading “Session at SECAC, Artists as Art Dealers (Birmingham, AL, 17-20 Oct, 2018)”

Job: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Art Business – Full Time (1.0 FTE)

Sotheby’s Institute of Art 

The MA in Art Business (MAAB) was established at Sotheby’s Institute in 1998. The programme has pioneered the development of the study of art business and the international art market as an academic discipline. At the same time it remains a highly vocational course, with a focus on understanding business networks and professional practices. Students from MAAB progress to employment in a broad variety of jobs in art businesses, both public and private sector, across the world.

The Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Art Business will be a key member of the full-time team which leads the teaching and development of the MA in Art Business. The Institute views the Lectureship as an integral and pioneering position in the development of an emerging academic discipline in which Sotheby’s Institute of Art London has been at the forefront in terms of academic and vocational leadership. Continue reading “Job: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Art Business – Full Time (1.0 FTE)”