Conf: “Degenerate Art” in Breslau, Stettin and Königsberg (Berlin, 15-16 March, 2018)

Forschungsstelle ‘Entartete Kunst’ (FsEK) is pleased to announce the re-launch of the „Degenerate Art“ database with an extended provenance module and the complete publication of all its 21.798 datasets.
To mark the occasion, the research center “Degenerate Art” is holding a symposium dealing with the National Socialist seizures of modern art from public institutions in the former German towns of Breslau, Stettin and Königsberg in 1937 and their consequences. We look forward to seeing you at the symposium, to which you are cordially invited. Please find attached the link to the detailed program (pdf).

Freie Universität Berlin, March 15–16, 2018, Koserstraße 20, lecture hall B

(c) unknown photographer, Depot Schloss Schönhausen 1938/1939, Zentralarchiv der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (photo); Emil Nolde, Papuajünglinge, 1914, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie, ehemals Königsberg, Kunstsammlungen der Stadt


Call for Papers: SECAC: Collecting and the Trade of Antiquities (Birmingham, AL, Oct 17-20, 2018)

Collecting and the Trade of Antiquities

Deadline: April 20th 2018

Birmingham, Alabama, United States, October 17-20, 2018

Session Chairs:
Louise Arizzoli (University of Mississippi)
Evie Terrono (Randolph-Macon College)

Both acquiring and collecting antiquities are now strictly regulated. This is one result of the development of the science of archaeology, the increased recognition of the significance of the context of finds and the stricter enforcement of legislation forbidding the export of antiquities from their countries of origin. This panel is interested in research dealing with the trade of antiquities and its development with a specific focus on the nineteenth century and twentieth century, before the UNESCO convention of 1970. We would seek contributions about antiquities collectors: what they bought and when, how they displayed these treasures in their homes and what was the impulse that led them to buy ancient art. We also would be interested in dealers of ancient art and how the antiquities art market functioned. Finally, we would also welcome papers about antiquities collectors and their relationship with museums, as well as museums’ acquisition agenda regarding ancient art in the nineteenth century.

CFP: Art for the People? Questioning the Democratization of the Art Market – Second TIAMSA Conference (Vienna, 27-29 Sept, 18)

 Art for the People?
Questioning the Democratization of the Art Market

(c) Pablo Helguera,, 2014

2nd Conference
TIAMSA ­­– The International Art Market Studies Association
Vienna, 27-29 September 2018

In Cooperation with:
Belvedere Research Center, Vienna University – Department of Art History, and Dorotheum

Apply by April 15, 2018

The art world and the market have traditionally been the domain of the elites and have thrived on exclusivity. However, the art world has arguably become much more democratic in recent years thanks to the digital revolution, the inclusion of emerging economies in the world art market system, and the vastly improved access to art and information. The price histories of works of art can nowadays easily be reconstructed using online databases; the threshold for art buying is significantly lowered by online sales platforms; and new buyers in emerging economies are making the art market much less Western-oriented. Moreover, an ever broader range of artworks in different price categories has put (fine) art within reach of the middle classes across the globe. At the same time, art institutions such as museums are under tremendous pressure to be less exclusive. Some of these democratizing tendencies are of course not new. For instance, publishing houses in Europe started disseminating prints on a massive scale already in the sixteenth century, thereby enabling larger segments of the population to acquire images. Continue reading “CFP: Art for the People? Questioning the Democratization of the Art Market – Second TIAMSA Conference (Vienna, 27-29 Sept, 18)”

More Art Market Sessions at CAA, Los Angeles

See the full schedule here


FRIDAY: 02/23/2018: 8:30AM–10:00AM
Location: Room 404A

Chair: Lynn Catterson, Columbia University

“Florence and Paris: The Italian Acquisitions of Edouard and Nélie Jacquemart-André”
Giancarla Cilmi, École Pratique des Hautes Étude École du Louvre

“The Power of Connections: Difficult Artworks and the Agency of Social Networks in Collecting”
Joanna Smalcerz , Getty Research Institute

“Art for Sale: Acquisitions for Germany Collections at the “sale of the century””
Paola Cordera, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design

“Wilhelm von Bode and Alessandro Contini Bonacossi”
Fulvia Zaninelli, University of Edinburgh

Continue reading “More Art Market Sessions at CAA, Los Angeles”

CFP: Contemporary Art and the Museum (Paris, 10-12 Oct 18)

Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
October 10 – 12, 2018
Deadline: Apr 16, 2018

Contemporary Art and the Museum: from the Musée du Luxembourg to the present day (1818-2018)

International symposium

Archives Nationales (Pierrefitte-sur-Seine), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Musée d’Orsay (Paris) – 10-12 October 2018


Designed as an extension to the displays and exhibitions organised at the Pompidou Centre and the Musée d’Orsay, the results of the project “Exhibiting the History of a Collection: The Museum for Living Artists” organised as part of the Labex CAP, the international symposium “Contemporary Art and the Museum: from the Musée du Luxembourg to the present day (1818-2018)” will be held in autumn 2018 at the Archives Nationales, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d’Orsay. Continue reading “CFP: Contemporary Art and the Museum (Paris, 10-12 Oct 18)”

CFP: Exhibition Databases (Vienna, 14-16 Jun 18)

Vienna, June 14 – 16, 2018
Deadline: Mar 2, 2018

Workshop: Exhibition Databases

From 14th to 16th June 2018, the research project “Exhibitions of Modern European Paintings 1905-1915” will be hosting a workshop in Vienna. In this project we are building an open-access database compiling exhibitions and all accompanying information that showed modern painting, mainly in Europe, between 1905 and 1915. The objective of the database is to visualise and thus trace the chronology and geography of new art forms and “-isms” that were, at the beginning of the 20th century, often founded within and/or spread via the context of art exhibitions. The database will be accessible online by the end of 2018. The project is directed by Prof. Raphael Rosenberg at the Department of Art History of the University of Vienna, and is funded by the Austrian Science Fund. For further details please visit Continue reading “CFP: Exhibition Databases (Vienna, 14-16 Jun 18)”

Conference Discount for TIAMSA members (Geneva, 2 Feb, 2018)

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Geneva, 2 February 2018

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