CONF: When All Roads Led to Paris (Prague, 26-27 Jun 18)

When All Roads Led to Paris. Artistic Exchanges Between France and central Europe in the 19th Century

July 26 – 27, 2018
When All Roads Let to Paris 


Czech Academy of Sciences, Národní 3, Prague 1

Organizers: Kristýna Hochmuth and Adéla Klinerová

This workshop, organized by CEFRES, the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ÚDU AV ČR), the National Gallery in Prague (NG) and the Institute of Art History of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University (ÚDU FF UK) is open to PhD students, post doctoral students and young researchers. The workshop is centered on French art history from the viewpoint of the cultural transfer theory. It will touch upon various aspects of the spreading of French culture and art in the field of painting, sculpture, architecture or art collections. Our discussions will be initiated by a keynote speech by professor Marek Zgórniak (Institute of Art History, Jagiellonian University, Kraków) and closed by a lecture by Michael Werner (CNRS-EHESS, Paris).

Program Continue reading “CONF: When All Roads Led to Paris (Prague, 26-27 Jun 18)”

CFP: Embodying Value (RSA, Toronto, 17-19 Mar 19)

CFP:  Panel at RSA 2019 (Toronto, 17-19 Mar 19)

Embodying Value: Representing Money in the Early Modern Period

Deadline: July 16, 2018

Joanna Woodall and Natasha Seaman, co-organizers

As media of exchange, coins were essential to trade and economic development in the early modern period. Their double-sided form and the precious materials from which they were made had deep resonance in European culture and beyond. The efficacy of coins depended on faith in their inherent value, yet they were subject to debasement and counterfeiting.  This session seeks papers that explore the signifying potential of money in works of art and how abstract concepts of value intersect with and are figured in material and monetary forms. While the art market may have some relevance to this subject, papers selected will have as their primary focus the particular character of coins and other means of exchange as physical and semiotic entities, money as it appears within images and texts, and how concepts of money and currency can inform our understanding of works of art in this period. Continue reading “CFP: Embodying Value (RSA, Toronto, 17-19 Mar 19)”

Call for Papers: Material Culture and the Domestic Interior (RSA, March 17-19 2019)

Call for Papers
Material Culture and the Domestic Interior: New Questions, New Approaches

Renaissance Society of America Conference, Toronto, 17-19 March 2019

Organizers: Erin J. Campbell (University of Victoria, BC) and Maria DePrano (University of California, Merced)

While examinations of the Early Modern home flourished in the early twentieth century with works such as Paul Schubring’s on cassoni, the At Home in Renaissance Italy exhibition, which opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum in fall 2006, was a watershed for the examination of material culture. This was followed by the Art and Love in Renaissance Italy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2008. These exhibitions both responded to a growing interest in material culture and inspired additional studies. Scholars have approached the domestic interior and material culture from diverse directions examining particular rooms, religious communities, types of furnishings, and private homes in major cities. What has been learned in the decade since the groundswell of research around At Home in Renaissance Italy? Continue reading “Call for Papers: Material Culture and the Domestic Interior (RSA, March 17-19 2019)”

ANN: WAS – Women Artists Shows Salons Societies (Paris, 14 Jun 18)

Terra Foundation for American Art
121 rue de Lille
75007 Paris
June 14, 2018

Deadline: Jun 14, 2018

The symposium « WAS (Women Artists Shows·Salons·Societies) : collective exhibitions of women artists in the 1970s in Europe and North America » organized by the  research group Artl@s (École normale supérieure, PSL, Labex TransferS) and the Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions (AWARE), with the collaboration of Terra Foundation for American Art, is the second meeting of a research project focusing on group exhibitions of women artists, following the inaugural conference that took place in December 2017 at the Galeries Nationales du Jeu de Paume in Paris.

The ambition of the project is to build a descriptive and analytical catalogue of these exhibitions from the end of the 19th to the end of the 20th century and to start reflecting on their specific history, through the study of the evolution of the social, cultural, and institutional conditions that permitted or made them necessary through the analysis of the various levels of mediation and organisation at work in these shows, or also through the examination of their symbolical functioning and critical response. Continue reading “ANN: WAS – Women Artists Shows Salons Societies (Paris, 14 Jun 18)”

CONF: Markets and their Agents – Basel 06/18

Arbeitskreis für spätmittelalterliche Wirtschaftsgeschichte
Hirschgässlein 21, 4051 Basel

Deadline: 11.06.2018

Markets and the agents who shaped and created them are the subject of the 6th annual conference of the research group on premodern economic history. Markets feature prominently in recent research. Discussions cover the questions, for example, how a market can be grasp as a place, an event or a mechanism of exchange, or whether premodern economies have just hosted markets or if some of them can even be regarded as market economies.

The conference in Basel will now turn to the agents who forged and connected markets. Exchange was done between persons and with the help of persons: Artisans, retailers and poor people tried to better their living conditions by engaging on the market, merchants interconnected different markets, urban personnel (such as brokers, men working at the public scales, or the town council as a whole) regulated and facilitated exchange. Continue reading “CONF: Markets and their Agents – Basel 06/18”

CFP: Sessions at RSA, A Matter of Access (Toronto, 17-19 Mar 19)

Deadline: Jun 15, 2018

Organisers: Susan Bracken, Andrea M. Gáldy, Adriana Turpin (International Forum Collecting & Display)

Since its foundation in 2004, the international forum Collecting & Display has investigated numerous aspects of both collections and collectors. This type of activity has taken place at our own conferences, which resulted in a number of publications. We have also participated in meetings organised by other societies.

For the 2019 annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America we are proposing three inter-related panels, which would examine the question of access to the collection from different perspectives. This session proposes to extend the discussion of the nature and pertinence of collections by focusing on the spaces in which they were displayed and how access to those spaces was controlled. By examining how collections were displayed, used and presented and who had access to these spaces, we hope to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of the collection to its owner and its significance to contemporaries. Continue reading “CFP: Sessions at RSA, A Matter of Access (Toronto, 17-19 Mar 19)”

CONF: Practice and Power (Dublin, 20-24 Jun 18)

Dublin, Ireland
June 20 – 24, 2018
Registration deadline: Jun 20, 2018

Practice and Power. A major transnational event exploring questions of negotiation, exchange and representation in contemporary collaborative arts practice

Keynotes: Jeanne van Heeswijk, Pier Luigi Sacco.

Artists across the world are engaging with diverse constituencies to develop projects that seek to influence and expand the possibilities for greater participation and agency across artistic, cultural and socio-political spheres. Practice and Power will consider this paradigm shift towards collaborative processes and methodologies within the arts. Continue reading “CONF: Practice and Power (Dublin, 20-24 Jun 18)”