TOC: Exhibiting Art for Sale, Journal for Art Market Studies Vol.2, No. 1

Louise Lawler, Life After 1945 (Faces), 2006/2007, cibachrome mounted on museum box 40 x 33-1/4 inches (101.6 x 83.2 cm) Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York. Based on a cover design by Amichai Green Grafik

The third issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies focuses on the role and development of the exhibition space in a commercial context, from the American barbershop to veritable art trade palaces built in Munich around 1900, as well as both forerunners of and alternatives to today’s commercial gallery spaces.

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Book Out Now: Georgina Adam, The Dark Side of the Book


by Georgina Adam

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  • From the author of the bestselling Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century
  • This sequel volume focuses on the negative impact of the contemporary art market’s rapid boom
  • A timely investigation into the excesses at the top of the art market in the wake of the Panama Papers revelations

This book lifts the lid on some of the excesses that the 21st-century explosion of the contemporary art market brought in its wake, notably at its very top end. The buying of art as an investment, temptations to forgery, tax evasion, money laundering and pressure to produce more and more art all form part of this story, as do issues over authentication and the impact of the enhanced use of financial instruments on art transactions.


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Book Out Now: Peter Carpreau, The Value of Taste

The Value of Taste
Auction Prices and the Evolution of Taste in Dutch and
Flemish Golden Age Painting (1642–2011)

by Peter Carpreau

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Collectors and Dealers Series (HMCD 3)

approx. 295 p., 82 b/w tables, 220 x 280 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-909400-48-1
Languages: English
The publication is available.The publication is available.
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Taste is a well known but largely underestimated phenomenon. Yet it is one of the factors that has shaped our knowledge and view of art. Why is Rembrandt van Rijn today considered to be one of the greatest painters in European art while Gerard de Lairesse, Rembrandt’s younger contemporary and one of the best-selling painters of his day, is now forgotten?

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TOC: ARTis ON, No. 5 (2017): Vandalism and Iconoclasm

ARTis ON is an annual scientific journal, published only in digital format, open to collaboration of students, heritage technicians, agents of the art market, etc., in order to disseminate emerging studies that stand out for their quality and originality. Dedicated to the plurality of issues involving the Arts and Heritage, both national and international, Artis ON comprise a thematic block and a varia section, intended for book reviews, news of recent discoveries, innovations produced by research projects, interviews, etc. Continue reading “TOC: ARTis ON, No. 5 (2017): Vandalism and Iconoclasm”

Book Out Now: Diana Kostyrko, René Gimpel (1918-1939)

The Journal of the Transatlantic Art Dealer:
René Gimpel (1918-1939)

by Diana Kostyrko


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Collectors and Dealers Series (HMCD 2)

approx. 220 p., 45 b/w ill. + 3 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-909400-51-1
Languages: English, French
Brepols / Harvey Miller – Collectors and Dealers (HMCD 2)
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Table of Contents

The journal of the transatlantic art dealer, René Gimpel (1881-1945), is evaluated for its legacy.

The transatlantic art dealer, René Gimpel (1881-1945), maintained an interwar journal for twenty-one years until, like many Jews in France, he was overtaken by radical political events.

In this book, Diana Kostyrko explores why Gimpel’s journal should be taken seriously as a sociohistorical document. In contextualising the journal, including its reception since first published in 1963, she intercuts art history with material culture and a sociology of modernity. Firstly setting the art dealer in context, the author examines the dominant themes which thread through the journal ‑ ranging from the escalation in power and status of European dealers catering to but also rivalling wealthy private collectors, to the irresistible pressure of twentieth-century modernity on collecting practices.

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New Volume out now: Revolutionary Paris and the Market

Brill is pleased to announce

Darius A. Spieth, Revolutionary Paris and the Market for Netherlandish Art

Studies in the History of Collecting & Art Markets (HCAM), Vol. 3
with a Foreword by Marc Fumaroli

Revolutionary Paris and the Market
ISBN13: 9789004336988
E-ISBN: 9789004276758
Publication Date: December 2017
Copyright Year: 2018
Format: Hardback
Publication Type: Book
Pages, Illustr.: xxii, 514 pp., 174 full color ill.
Imprint: BRILL
Language: English

Read this: BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review 132

Tabel of Contents
Inhoud jaargang 132 (2017)

From the Editors
S. 1

Introduction: The rise of Consumer Society
Peter van Dam and Joost Jonker
S. 3

B2B or B2C? Dutch Approaches towards Marketing and the Consumer, 1945-1968, with particular Attention to Heineken’s Brewery
Keetie Sluyterman
S. 11

Charting and Shaping the Modern Consumer. The Rise of Customer Research in the Dutch Department Store De Bijenkorf, 1930-1960
Jan Hein Furnée
S. 37

Giving Consumers a Political Voice. Organized Consumerism and the Belgian Welfare State, 1957-1981
Giselle Nath
S. 70

King Customer. Contested Conceptualizations of the Consumer and the Politics of Consumption in the Netherlands, 1920s-1980s
Chris Dols and Maarten van den Bos
S. 93

From Hapless Victims of Desire to Responsibly Choosing Citizens. The Emancipation of Consumers in Low Countries’ Consumer Credit Regulation
Joost Jonker, Michael Milo and Johan Vannerom
S. 115

In Search of the Citizen-Consumer. Fair Trade Activism in the Netherlands since the 1960s
Peter van Dam
S. 139

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