PUBL: Conference Proceedings: Arte Alem Da Arte / Art Beyond Art (Porto Alegre, 2018)

Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Systemic Relationships in Art – Art Beyond Art

available free of charge in PDF and EPUB format.
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  • Introduction
    Maria Amélia Bulhões, Bruna Fetter and Nei Vargas
  • The Biennalization of the World – What’s next? Challenges and Demands of Biennales today from the example of the Jakarta Biennial 2017
    Sabiha Keyif
  • Collecting Today: Persistence and Fissures in the Global Art Market
    Adelaide Duarte
  • Metamorphosis of the Contemporary Art System in the 21st Century 
    Alexandre Melo
  • Criticism of the Southern Institutionality: Micro and Macro in the Case of Abstraction in Chile 
    Ramón Castillo



CFP: NCAW Terra-funded digital humanities publishing initiative

Terra-funded digital humanities publishing initiative
Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
Deadline: Nov 16, 2018

The peer-reviewed open-access journal Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide (NCAW) is pleased to circulate information regarding a digital humanities publishing initiative supported by a grant from the Terra Foundation for American Art. The editors of NCAW are accepting proposals for articles addressing art and visual culture of the United States in the long nineteenth century, from the American Revolution to World War I. NCAW seeks proposals that take full advantage of the potential of digital publishing by using digital technologies in the article’s research or publication phase, or both. Strong proposals will demonstrate how the production of digital tool(s) and/or components will lead to a scholarly argument’s key insights (either the tool/component enhanced the depth of insight or made it possible) and/or will illustrate aspects of that argument in dynamic/interactive ways. Continue reading “CFP: NCAW Terra-funded digital humanities publishing initiative”

Read this: NS-Raubgut in der städtischen Bibliothek Bautzen. Einblicke in die Provenienzforschung vor Ort von Robert Langer

This is an interesting read for anyone interested in the book related provenance research

NS-Raubgut in der städtischen Bibliothek Bautzen.
Einblicke in die Provenienzforschung vor Ort

von Robert Langer

Zum ganzen Text

Die 1596 gegründete Stadtbibliothek Bautzen ist die größte und zweitälteste öffentliche Bibliothek der Lausitz, jener Region, die sich über das südliche Brandenburg, das östliche Sachsen und das westliche Polen erstreckt. Aufgrund ihrer weit zurückreichenden Geschichte gehört sie zu denjenigen kommunal getragenen Bibliotheken, die neben einem auf Aktualität ausgerichteten Ausleihbestand auch einen nennenswerten Altbestand historischer Bücher besitzen. In einem separaten Lesesaal können die Nutzer die Bücher mit Erscheinungsjahren vor 1945 einsehen. Als 2016 ein Forschungsprojekt erstmals nachwies, dass sich darunter auch unrechtmäßig erworbene Bücher befinden, und zwar NS-Raubgut, waren die Bautzener sehr überrascht. Wie kam es hier her? Weshalb konnte es so lange unerkannt bleiben?

department store Tietz in Berlin, Leipziger Straße 46-49, built 1899-1900, destroyed in 1944 (coloured picture postcard) (c) Wikimedia

Continue reading “Read this: NS-Raubgut in der städtischen Bibliothek Bautzen. Einblicke in die Provenienzforschung vor Ort von Robert Langer”

Book out now: Jordan Kauffman, Drawing on Architecture (MIT Press)

Prior to the 1970s, buildings were commonly understood to be the goal of architectural practice; architectural drawings were seen simply as a means to an end. But, just as the boundaries of architecture itself were shifting at the end of the twentieth century, the perception of architectural drawings was also shifting; they began to be seen as autonomous objects outside the process of building. In Drawing on Architecture, Jordan Kauffman offers an account of how architectural drawings—promoted by a network of galleries and collectors, exhibitions and events—emerged as aesthetic objects and ultimately attained status as important cultural and historical artifacts, and how this was both emblematic of changes in architecture and a catalyst for these changes. Continue reading “Book out now: Jordan Kauffman, Drawing on Architecture (MIT Press)”

CFP: Novecento Transnazionale No. 3: Transnational perspectives and art history

Novecento Transnazionale

Deadline: Sep 30, 2018

The third issue of Novecento Transnazionale will present a selection of articles focusing on Transnational perspectives and art history. This was born out of the idea that during the last decades, and particularly during the last thirty years, a revision of the systems of analysis, construction and narration of art history was necessary vis-à-vis a world increasingly characterized by migrations, the overcoming of national states and the intertwining of culture, history and identity. Continue reading “CFP: Novecento Transnazionale No. 3: Transnational perspectives and art history”

New Issue: JAMS Asian Art: Markets, Provenance, History (Vol 2, No 3, 2018)

Cover image: Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin; photographer: Anna Russ. Original photograph by Raimund Stillfried von Rathenitz; Cover design: Amichai Green Grafik

Journal for Art Market Studies
Asian Art: Markets, Provenance, History
Volume 2, Number 3, 2018

Guest Editors: Christine Howald and Alexander Hofmann

We are delighted to present the fifth issue of the peer-reviewed open-access Journal for Art Market Studies, published by Forum Kunst und Markt/Centre for Art Market Studies at Technische Universität Berlin.

“Asian Art: Markets, Provenance, History” traces the circumstances and the paths taken by East Asian objects through the art market towards Western collections, be it the porcelain collection of Augustus the Strong, the looting of the Chinese imperial summer palace, or the current market for contemporary art.

Table of Contents (TOC)

Further information:

Read this: Pier Luigi Sacco, Post-Millenium Tension (article)

Post-Millenium Tension
Contemporary Art at a Crossroads


Flanders Art Institute commissioned the article by Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco on the relation between the booming art market and the socioeconomic position of artists.

In his article, professor of economics Pier Luigi Sacco calls our attention to a crucial tension in the way contemporary visual arts operate (internationally) today. In the last few years, the global art market has been in the midst of an enormous boom. From a distance, says Sacco, this might seem a good thing, but from close by, it presents a far less cheerful vision. Despite ever more and ever richer art collectors, for most artists, everyday reality has become increasingly difficult.

Pier Luigi Sacco is a cultural economist at Harvard University and at IULM University Milano. Special adviser of the commissioner of Culture of the EU.

Flanders Arts Institute is a government funded institution which supports the development and international relation in visual arts, music and performing arts in Flanders region / Belgium

Dirk De Wit, Coördinator internationale relaties en beeldende kunsten,  Kunstenpunt / Flanders Arts Institute