TIAMSA Legal: Third All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference, Saturday 10th November, 2018

The Art-Law Centre and the UNESCO Chair in the International Law of the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the University of Geneva are proud to invite you to participate in the “Third All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference”. This event will take place at the University of Geneva on Saturday 10 November 2018.

This conference is jointly organised by the Art-Law Centre and the Art Law Foundation. Programme and registration form are available here: https://artlawfoundation.com/fda-events/save-the-date-import-and-export-of-works-of-art/

TIAMSA Legal: Art Market Conference in Geneva

TIAMSA Legal would like to inform you of the up-coming conference Cross-border movement of works of art in Europe – freedom or constraints being held at the University of Geneva on 9th November, 2018

More information available at: https://artlawfoundation.com/fda-events/save-the-date-import-and-export-of-works-of-art/

CONF: Creating Markets, Collecting Art, 14-15 July, London

Christie’s Education Conference 2016

Celebrating 250 years of Christie’s, 14-15 July 2016

To commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of Christie’s auction house in 1766 a two-day conference will be held at Christie’s King Street, St James’s. Organised by Christie’s Education, and celebrating 30 years of the Christie’s Education Trust, the theme of ‘Creating Markets, Collecting Art’ has been chosen to reflect a progressive, collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to the study of works of art. The conference is designed to explore the interrelationship between commerce, collecting and the idea of the ‘academy’ and how this has evolved over time.

Confirmed keynote speakers at the Conference include Professor Craig Clunas, University of Oxford and Dr Inge Reist, Director of the Center for the History of Collecting, The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library.

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CONF: The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now, Part I, 13 July, London

London, The Warburg Institute, July 13, 2016

Studies of the art market have paid great attention to the rise of auctions and the subsequent opening of the art market. However, there was another, equally important part of the art market in the early modern period, namely the agent, who discovered, bought and sold works of art to many of the most important collectors of the day. Agents not only acted as advisors; they set up networks across Europe and even beyond to acquire works of art; they negotiated with sellers and acted as intermediaries for buyers. At a time when prices were negotiable, the agent was often the person who created the true value of a work of art.

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L: Juliet Carey, Edmond de Rothschild’s Boxes, 27 June, The Wallace Collection, London

Lecture: Juliet Carey, Edmond de Rothschild’s Boxes

Juliet Carey is Senior Curator at Waddesdon Manor (England).

This is a Seminar in the History of Collecting.

Lecture Theatre, The Wallace Collection, London
27 June 2016, 5.30pm to 6.30pm, booking not required


CONF: Looted Art / Patrimoines spoliés. Regards croisés France-Allemagne (D/FR), 2-3 Juin, Paris

Looted Art. View points France – Germany

Patrimoines spoliés. Regards croisés France-Allemagne

Provenienzforschung. Wechselseitige Perspektiven – Frankreich und Deutschland

[Deutsche Fassung unten]

2 et 3 juin, 2016, l’auditorium de la galerie Colbert au 2, rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France

La recherche de provenance, sous-domaine de l’histoire de l’art, suscite depuis une quinzaine d’années une attention accrue, tant auprès des spécialistes que d’un public plus large. Elle explore l’histoire et l’origine d’une œuvre d’art suivant des approches qui peuvent varier selon le contexte – commercial, universitaire ou muséal. Depuis la signature de la déclaration de Washington en 1998, et à travers des restitutions spectaculaires comme celle du tableau Scène de rue de Ernst Ludwig Kirchner issu de la collection Hess, le soutien à la restitution aux héritiers Flechtheim et la découverte récente du Trésor artistique de Munich, la recherche de provenance a pris une place croissante dans la conscience collective. Elle fait toutefois l’objet de controverses plus vives que jamais.

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CONF: The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now, Part II, 19-20 Oct, Paris

The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now

19-20 October 2016 at the INHA, Paris

The purpose of our October conference is to develop further the initial conference in July. Papers concentrate on the later period of collecting, from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, in particular considering how the agent has gradually become the consultant/dealer in the modern art market. Thus the conference should allow for a fascinating juxtaposition of historic and contemporary practice. It should also offer a deeper understanding of the private and often hidden side of the market, one that is not represented through the study of auctions alone

Among the topics that are to be discussed are: Agents in Austria in the seventeenth century, James Thornhill and England in the early eighteenth century, agents in Venice in the eighteenth century; Passavant, Thoré Berger, Gimpel, Samuel Avery and James Hyde or the Catalan poet, Maria Manent as individual agents to private collectors and institutions.   Broader topics will include the agents for the National Gallery, London, Asian agents in the nineteenth-century Chinese market, Surrealist artists as agents, agents in the contemporary market in the 1960s and 70s. Our speakers are coming from Europe and the United States, ensuring that we have a wide representation of the field internationally and chronologically.

There will be visits to major collections outside Paris on the Saturday and Sunday.