CONF: Revisioning World’s Fairs (Karlsruhe, 27-28 Apr 2018)

KIT-Fakultät für Architektur
27. – 28.04.2018

‘Gesamtkunstwerk Weltausstellung’ – Revisioning World’s Fairs

Die 1851 in London erstmals ausgerichtete „Great Exhibition of all Nations“ synthetisierte nicht nur ‚die Welt‘, sondern verknüpfte als „Gesamtkunstwerk“ Kunsthandwerk und Architektur, Technik und Kunst. Seit ihren Anfängen finden sich die Weltausstellungen zwischen Industrie und Kultur, Kunst und Wissenschaft verankert. Technische Neuerungen werden dabei zur Profilierung genutzt, gilt es doch, den jeweiligen Gastgeber als fortschrittliche Industrienation in den Fokus zu rücken. Continue reading “CONF: Revisioning World’s Fairs (Karlsruhe, 27-28 Apr 2018)”

CONF: Art & Law 2018 (Basel, June 15, 2018), during Art Basel Week

Recht aktuell: “Kunst & Recht 2018 / Art & Law 2018”, June 15,  2018

In its 9th year Art & Law 2018 takes place in close proximity of Art Basel at the Congress Center Basel. Through the generous support of Art Basel, participants of the conference receive a ticket to the art fair.


Flyer_Kunst-und-Recht 2018

Morning session

  • Stephen Urice: Fundamental problems of Art museums today
  • Two views on the German cultural property protection law
  • Marc-André Renold: A German view of the Swiss Cultural Property Transfer Act – is it in need of revision?

Afternoon session

  • Mattias Weller: 20 years The Washington Principles: a review
  • Anne Laure Bandle: The Washington Principles in Switzerland: attempting a resolution
  • Eva Inés Obergfell: The antinomy of Selfie vs. “no photography” in museums

Closing remarks
Florian Schmidt-Gabain: “Looted Art” and “Degenerate Art”

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Koordinationsstelle Recht aktuell
Martine Conus
Marianne Tschudin

Universität Basel
Juristische Fakultät
Peter Merian-Weg 8
Postfach 4002 Basel
Tel. + (0)61 207 25 19
Fax  +(0)61 207 24 80

Series of Lectures on Art and the Art Market

Vortragsreihe des Forums Kunst und Markt (Series of Lectures at the Forum of Art and Art Market), Berlin, 23 Apr-9 Jul 18

Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik, Fachgebiet Kunstgeschichte der Moderne, Technische Universität Berlin, 23.04. – 09.07.2018

Vortragsreihe des Forums Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies
am Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik, Fachgebiet Kunstgeschichte der Moderne, Technische Universität Berlin

In dieser Vortragsreihe werden aktuelle Forschungen zu den historischen und gegenwärtigen Spannungsfeldern und Dynamiken zwischen Kunsthandel, Kunstpolitik und institutionalisierter Kunstwelt präsentiert und zur Diskussion gestellt.

Lecture series PROGRAM Sommer Semester 2018:

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CONF: Illicit Trade / Europäischer Kulturgutschutz in der Sackgasse? (Hamburg, April 12, 2018)


invites you to join them for a discussion of the
EU law COM (2017) 375 proposing a new legislation against illicit trade in cultural goods

Vincent Geerling, Chairman of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA) and antiquities art dealer

Bucerius Law School
April 12, 2018
5 – 7.30 pm

Event open to all

Invitation pdf
How to get there .pdf

Colleagues might be interested to browse the original EU proposal 

CFP: Provenance of Things (Göttingen, 27-31 March 2019)

Provenance of Things. On the Reception of Object Biographies

Section 5 of the XXXV Congress of German Art Historians
at the Georg-August-Universität
in Göttingen (27 – 31 March 2019)
Closing date for submissions: 25 May 2018

This session focuses on the relationship between the individual history of an object and how it is perceived. Papers should clearly show the indivisible interdependence of the object and its history of ownership. We would like to focus on three related questions: What effect does the provenance of an object have on its material as well as non-material value? How do the history of ownership, exhibition and discourse of an object influence its reception on the art market, by private and public collectors as well as its coverage in the media? And how is this modified perception of objects reflected by their exhibition in museums? Continue reading “CFP: Provenance of Things (Göttingen, 27-31 March 2019)”

CFP: Digital art history – methods, practices, epistemologies (Zagreb, 12-14 Nov 18)

University Computing Centre
November 12 – 14, 2018
Deadline: May 31, 2018

The conference organized in Zagreb, Croatia by the Institute of Art History, University Computing Centre, and DARIAH-HR is aiming at bringing together established and early career academics, the researchers from the independent digi-labs and professionals involved with the transdisciplinary research initiatives, who are interested in critically examining recent methodological, analytical and theoretical developments in the field of Digital Art History.

We invite proposals for individual papers on all aspects of the following, broadly defined subjects:

  • digital art history tools – the application of digital tools, techniques and methodologies drawn from Information Science and related disciplines used to create new approaches and understandings of art history, architecture, design and visual culture
  • digital art history infrastructures – institutional and technological framework of Digital Art History: development, and accessibility of digital research infrastructures, services and resources (libraries, archives, data repositories, databases, digital museum and cultural heritage collections); institutional support and availability of new technologies
  • digital art history practices – collaborative research groups, research networks and platforms; interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, theories and epistemologies of Digital Art History
  • digital art history polices – ‘power centres’ and ‘new’ peripheries – economic, social, political and cultural dimension of Digital Art History and its capacity for self-reflection

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EXH: Hungarian artists exhibiting at the ‘Galerie Der Sturm‘ (Paris)

Hungarian artists exhibiting at the ‘Galerie Der Sturm‘ in Berlin, 1913-1932

This March, Galerie Le Minotaure and Galerie Alain Le Gaillard, both in Paris – assisted by Krisztina Passuth, the doyenne of modern Hungarian art history and avant-garde specialist – team up for an exhibition presenting a particular episode in the history of the European avant-garde of the first decades of the XXth century: Hungarian artists exhibiting at the ‘Galerie Der Sturm‘ in Berlin, 1913-1932.

(c) Galerie Le Minotaure 2018
(c) Galerie Alain Le Gaillard 2018