CONF: Advertising and Marketing in the Early Modern World (1400-1800) – London 05/19

Christina Brauner, Tübingen; in cooperation with Michael Schaich, German
Historical Institute London; the Institute of Advanced Study at University College London

30.05.2019-31.05.2019, London, German Historical Institute London / Institute for Advanced Study, UCL

Deadline: 26.05.2019

Advertising has long been interpreted as a hallmark of modern capitalism. As such, it plays a prominent part in different narratives about the birth of capitalism and the rise of the consumer society, viewed both as an indicator of and a catalyst for economization processes. At the same time, human activities of persuasion and promotion are characterized as a basic anthropological feature that may be traced back to the walls of stone age caves or to the graffiti of Pompeji. Indeed, discourses about advertising’s role in modern capitalism appear to be intimately tied up with different and controversial assumptions about human nature and universal workings of ‘the market’.

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