CFP: The Exhibition: Histories, Practices and Politics (Revista de História da Arte 2019)


will be the next issue of Revista de História da Arte (IHA-FCSH-NOVA)

Deadline: Jul 31, 2018

Exhibitions have become, at least since the 1990s, particularly attractive case studies to museologists, cultural researchers and art historians. The growing interest in the history and theory of exhibitions has promoted a relevant national and international discussion, fruitfully crossing academic, artistic and museological contexts. Within the frame of museum studies, the specific field of exhibitions histories is still expanding, also challenging and reshaping important art historical frontiers and methodologies. At the same time, museums are critically re-evaluating their exhibitionary heritage in an unprecedented way: projects like multimedia archives, catalogues raisonés of exhibitions, virtual and physical restaging of exhibitions, etc., promote particular forms of disseminating, documenting and recovering the histories and memories of meaningful exhibition events.

Such wide and complex movement of “remembering exhibitions,” to use Reesa Greenberg’s words, demonstrates how the exhibition is defining a rich and manifold field of inquiry and research. Thus, a comprehensive investigation of exhibitions and their impacts proves necessary, given that the analysis of exhibitions’ histories, images, critiques, voices and circulations can importantly contribute to broadening the grounds of museum studies, art history, visual theory, cultural studies, photographic history, intermedial and digital cultures. Continue reading “CFP: The Exhibition: Histories, Practices and Politics (Revista de História da Arte 2019)”