ANN: Short Deaccession Course (Institute of Art & Law, 1 Dec 2022)

The Institute of Art and Law will run its course on museum deaccessioning once again this year. With many museums still facing financial struggles as a result of the pandemic, the prospect of selling collection items to raise funds remains a major challenge. On 1st December 2022, the IAL will offer a crash course on deaccessioning for museum practitioners and other professionals that will cover the major legal and ethical issues that need to be considered in this challenging area. Recent examples have shown the problems which can arise, from the undermining of public trust and loss of accreditation status to retracted sales and financial penalties.

Sessions to include:
• The law of deaccession
• The ethics of deaccession
• Restitution and repatriation
• Practical exercises

The course will run from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm UK time and will be delivered online via Zoom.

UK residents: £96.00 (price includes VAT); non-UK residents: £80.00 (price excludes VAT); IAL members and UKRG members receive a 50% discount.

For registration, visit: