Apply now: 5 Fellowships on the Age and the Culture of Baroque, Turin

5 Fellowships on the Age and the Culture of Baroque
The Center for the History of Collecting, The Frick Collection

Application deadline: 05 September 2017

The Center’s Scholars’ Program encompasses both short and long-term fellowships. Through its fellowships, the Center provides support for both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research. Fellowship proposals may address wide-ranging aspects of the history of collecting in the United States from Colonial times to the present as well as in Europe. Proposals may focus on individual collectors, dealers, developments, or trends in the art market. Interdisciplinary research is especially encouraged. Four short-term fellowships, currently supported by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, are awarded every year, each for a period of eight to ten weeks. Two semester-long Leon Levy Fellowships are awarded to scholars engaged on a major project.

Application forms for Winter/Spring 2018 fellowships must be e-mailed or postmarked no later than September 5, 2017.

2018_Winter Spring Fellowship Application Form.pdf (4 pp.)