CFP: CAA Session: Renaissance Exchanges (NYC, Feb 13-16, 2019)

Renaissance Exchanges

Session at CAA – College Art Association Annual Meeting, New York City
February 13 – 16, 2019
Deadline: Aug 6, 2018

Central to the discourse of art history, the concept of the Renaissance as a cultural, European or global movement has been contested, revitalized and expanded in recent decades. Despite being highly fraught, the concept remains in use to demarcate art and visual culture produced both in and outside of Italy between roughly 1300 and 1700. The multiplication of one into many renaissances, or Renaissance into Early Modern, in the second half of the twentieth century was based on the desire to exert cultural difference from values identified with the Italian Renaissance since the eighteenth century. Rather than dismiss these differences, the present panel seeks to explore links between renaissances by investigating ways in which art produced in this period was the result of multiple networks of artistic, economic and cultural exchange that had a global reach. In particular, we invite papers that trace multidirectional movements of ideas, forms and technologies of art-making along with artists, patrons and collectors across Europe, the New World, Africa, and Asia. We encourage papers that reframe renaissance art as a process of exchange by examining for example:

  • How international trade routes, military campaigns, and missionary work contributed to the production, collection and circulation of visual culture;
  • Import of new materials, technologies and processes of art making from North to South, East to West, or vice a versa;
  • Role of print in transmission of motifs, sources and theories of art;
  • Art produced by travelling artists, patrons and workshops

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