CFP: Provenance Loves Wiki 2024 (online/Berlin, 12-14 Jan 2024)

The Wikiverse, with its suite of collaborative structures and applications, has great potential as an infrastructure for exploration in art history and museum/collection research. The possibility to build linked art and collection data, to visualise data and information, and to connect with a global interdisciplinary open source knowledge graph are among the various possible Digital Humanities approaches to art historical research and science.

Provenance loves Wiki is dedicated to the history of the origin (provenance) and history of works of art and cultural assets from their creation to the present day. In practice, it has gained particular relevance through the necessary processing of and politically motivated confiscation in the Third Reich and also in other contexts. The recent past has consequently seen, among other things, and returns of cultural property of colonial origin. However, the human and financial resources for the necessary processing in museums and in the scientific community are very limited and the effort and the sheer volume of works of art is enormous. In the process, huge amounts of data arise that need to be handled.

As part of an online event and panel discussion by the Art Science Working Group + Wikipedia and the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung on the topic of provenance research, the desire and need was signaled that there should be closer collaboration between art scholars and members of the KuWiki working group members and volunteers. The focus being primarily on the possibilities that Wikibase and Wikidata open up in this context. In previous discussions, various possibilities have been discussed as to how Wikipedia and especially Wikidata can be used as tools for the collection, processing and presentation of of works of art and how they can be integrated into active provenance research. The potential of volunteers to support (Citizen Science) and the potential of public and free data sets (Open Data) were also discussed. In order to deepen this discussion and to explore and start possible collaboration, a meeting between art scholars, provenance researchers and volunteers active in the relevant subject areas of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata was proposed and decided upon. At Provenance Loves Wiki, January 12th to 14th, in Berlin, fundamental questions about the possibilities that Wikimedia projects can offer and the options for collaboration will be explored. Practical problems that have already arisen when using Wikidata to manage provenance data, as well as the demands of scientists and volunteers in this area shall be evaluated and solutions sought.


Roundtable & Reception at TU Berlin

Public evening event, as a prelude to the meeting

Location: TU Berlin, Architekturgebäude, Room A053

Date: Friday, January 12th, starts at: 6.15 p.m.

Attendees: Bénédicte Savoy, N.N.

This part of the program is public. An official registration list is not required.

International Workshop at WMDE

Working meeting on the use of Wikipedia and Wikidata/Wikibase in provenance research as well as on problems and challenges in the representation of provenance data in Wikidata

Location: WMDE Headquarters in Berlin

Date: Saturday, January 13th (event time follows), January 14th (event time follows)

Wikipedia/Wikidata-Workshop (for Beginners) at WikiBär

Location: WikiBär in Berlin

Date: Saturday, January 13th (event time follows), January 14th (event time follows)

The workshop is a meeting of interested parties and those active in the disciplines of art history/art science and provenance research, as well as those active in the Wikimedia projects which deal with these topics as part of their article work or when collecting data (focus: Wikipedia, Wikidata). We published a call for participation in order to achieve an optimal composition of the international meeting. Interested parties please apply via registration form with a brief description of your motivation, until October 15th. A maximum of 60 people will be able to take part.

Wikipedia/Wikidata Workshop

Both the public evening event and the international workshop will be held in English to enable international guests to participate. Planning has not yet begun, information will follow.

Deadline: Oct 15, 2023

For more information, visit