CFP: Session at ASECS conference (Denver, 21-23 Mar 19)

Session: Repurposing during the Long Eighteenth Century

Lauren DiSalvo, Dixie State University,
AND Sarah Sylvester Williams, Independent Scholar;

Denver, CO
Deadline: Sep 15, 2018

Objects have long been recycled, reused, and repurposed. In the eighteenth century Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa and her children repurposed Mughal paintings for display in gilt boiserie; Chinese porcelain was embellished with gilt handles, rims, and stands; and artists outfitted Roman statues with fully restored limbs and attributes during the Grand Tour. This panel seeks to explore the ways in which materials, ideas, motifs, and subjects were repurposed during the long eighteenth century.

We would welcome papers that address the literal reuse of materials, such as old canvases, paper, textiles, etc; the adoption and reuse of visual or literary motifs, tropes, or processes; or the repurposing of a traditional subject for new ends.

Submissions from any eighteenth-century discipline are welcome, and topics that are interdisciplinary or global in scope are particularly encouraged.

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