CONF: Collections and Collecting Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval Art – 23 March 2017

Christie’s Education invites you to join their one-day conference, 23 March, London

Collecting Ancient and Medieval art attracts both academic and public curiosity because the objects (and structures) in question are not only often extremely rare, but also have fascinating histories. The ability to possess a piece of our past has allowed collectors throughout the centuries to create a continuity between that past and their present. This conference will explore the history of Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval collections, how they were originally formed, how objects survive and in what contexts, and how certain collections themselves live on. It will also address how the collections of the past may be reflected in the way that we approach collecting today, the theoretical and the historical framework of collections, how they are currently presented, as well as some of the controversies in the field. Equally, the problems and issues underlying the collecting of Ancient and Medieval art, and the knowledge required to authenticate them will be discussed.



Christie’s Education London
153 Great Titchfied Street
London, W1W 5BD


Adult Ticket Price: £22
Student Ticket Price: £11
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