PUB: Medieval Encounters 25, nos. 1-2 (March, 2019)

Medieval Encounters 25, nos. 1-2 (March, 2019), Special Issue: The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange, ed. Therese Martin.


Therese Martin
Caskets of Silver and Ivory from Diverse Parts of the World: Strategic Collecting for an Iberian Treasury, 1-38.
Open Access,

Ana Rodríguez
Narrating the Treasury: What Medieval Iberian Chronicles Choose to Recount about Luxury Objects, 39-58.

Ana Cabrera Lafuente
Textiles from the Museum of San Isidoro (León): New Evidence for Re-evaluating Their Chronology and Provenance, 59-95.
Open Access,

María Judith Feliciano
Sovereign, Saint, and City: Honor and Reuse of Textiles in the Treasury of San Isidoro (Leon), 96-123.

Jitske Jasperse
Between León and the Levant: The Infanta Sancha’s Altar as Material Evidence for Medieval History, 124-149.

Pamela A. Patton
Demons and Diversity in León, 150-179.

Julie A. Harris
Jews, Real and Imagined, at San Isidoro de León and Beyond, 180-201.