PUBL: ‘Feeding the Market for Renaissance Bronzetti’ and ‘Renato de Crosa: A Forgotten Art-Agent for Empress Catherine the Great’ (Colnaghi Studies 08, 2021)

In its current issue, a tribute to Charles Avery, Colnaghi Studies features two publications that study aspects of the art market:

Peta Motture: ‘Feeding the Market for Renaissance Bronzetti‘ (pp.56-73): “Focusing primarily on the collection of the lawyer and antiquary Jules Soulages (1803- 1857), this paper offers a brief glimpse into how the nineteenth-century appetite for Italian Renaissance bronzes was satisfied through both legitimate and nefarious means.“ (from the article’s opening).

Francesco Bertos: ‘Renato de Crosa: A Forgotten Art-Agent for Empress Catherine the Great of Russia and some new works by Francesco Bertos‘ (pp.162-175): “Recent research has allowed a clearer picture to be formed of the history of collecting works of art in Russia, including the acquisitions of the Tsarina Catherine II, who had founded the Hermitage Museum in 1764. (…) But it is only rarely that the circumstances of individual purchases are recorded….“ (from the article’s opening.

To read these open access publications, follow this link: