Book Out Now: Sophie Raux, Lotteries, Art Markets, and Visual Culture (Brill, HCAM 4)

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Studies in the History of Collecting and Art Markets series (HCAM 4)

Author: Sophie Raux
Lotteries, Art Markets, and Visual Culture in the Low Countries, 15th-17th Centuries

Lotteries, Art Markets, and Visual Culture examines lotteries as devices for distributing images and art objects, and constructing their value in the former Low Countries. Alongside the fairs and before specialist auction sales were established, they were an atypical but popular and large-scale form of the art trade. As part of a growing entrepreneurial sensibility based on speculation and a sense of risk, they lay behind many innovations. This study looks at their actors, networks and strategies. It considers the objects at stake, their value, and the forms of visual communication intended to boost an appetite for ownership. Ultimately, it contemplates how the lottery culture impacted notions of Fortune and Vanitas in the visual arts.

Publication Date: 19 February 2018
ISBN: 978-90-04-35881-2

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CONF: 1st Symposium on Art Systemic Relations ART BEYOND ART (Porto Alegre, April 8-10, 2018)

1st Symposium on Art Systemic Relations
8-10 April
Goethe Institut, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Arte Além da Arte


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From production to access, the visual arts field has changed substantially in the last decades, specially considering the performances of agents and institutions, which together act in the creation of legitimating structures and in the definition of what art is or not. However, the logic of production, circulation, legitimation and consumption
is also associated with spheres other than those specific to the artistic context, highlighting the connections inherent in the development of the art system.

In this sense, the 1st Symposium on Art Systemic Relations ART BEYOND ART proposes to debate the transformations in the mode(s) of operation through which the production of contemporary visual arts has been going through.

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CFP: Markets and their Agents (Basel, 21-22 June, 18)

Arbeitskreis für spätmittelalterliche Wirtschaftsgeschichte
Hirschgässlein 21
4051 Basel

Deadline: 04.04.2018

Markets and the agents who shaped and created them are the subject of the 6th annual conference of the research group on premodern economic history. Markets feature prominently in recent research. Discussions cover the questions, for example, how a market can be grasp as a place, an event or a mechanism of exchange, or whether premodern economies have just hosted markets or if some of them can even be regarded as market economies. Continue reading “CFP: Markets and their Agents (Basel, 21-22 June, 18)”