TIAMSA 2021 Conference: “The Art Market and the Museum” CONTINUES TODAY (online: University of Edinburgh / National Galleries of Scotland, 3 June, 15 / 16 July 2021)

We cordially invite you to join us online today (14:00-18:30 BST) for the third day of our conference whose theme is the historic and contemporary intersections of the art market and museums. Our conference considers how art market stakeholders, including art dealers, collectors and patrons have, both historically and in more recent years, shaped museum collections and influenced exhibition practices. The third conference day includes Session 5, „Museums and Art Market Agents“, chaired by Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery London) and Session 6, „The Art Market and the Museum in the Nazi Era“, chaired by Christel Force (Metropolitan Museum of Art / Independent).

The conference’s final days on 15 and 16 July days will include sessions on Donations, Deaccessioning, Contemporary Institutional Collecting and the Emergence of Private Museums. We are happy to say that the conference’s first two days on 6-7 May – which addressed topics such as Museums and Art Dealers, Museums and Collectors, and Women Collectors and Museums – met with a wonderful response from attendees from all over the world. Sessions from our first two workshops are now available for viewing for conference speakers, delegates and TIAMSA members (with a password) via TIAMSA’s Vimeo page.

If you would like to join the conference or watch the videos, you have to be / become a TIAMSA member. For more information, please visit our conference page.