ANN: Provenance Research, Theory and Practice: Two courses in Amelia, Italy (Ass. for Research into Crimes Against Art / Holocaust Art Restitution Project – 21-28 June and 8-12 July 2024)

Acknowledging the formidable challenge of reclaiming looted cultural assets, and understanding that the path to restitution requires practical knowledge in conducting rigorous research, the Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) has again joined forces with the US-based Holocaust Art Restitution Project, [Inc.] (HARP)* to present two immersive summer provenance courses. Scheduled for June 21-28, 2024 and July 8-12, 2024 each course has been meticulously crafted to cater to participants at either the more advanced or initial exploratory level.

Course I: “Provenance Progress: Assessing Advances, Accepting Failures, and Developing Solutions in the Field of Provenance Research”

Course II: “Uncovering the Past: An Introduction to Nazi-Era Provenance Research”


March 31, 2024 – General Application Deadline (with no application fee)

April 20, 2024 – Late Application Deadline, (subject to €20 late application charge if accepted)

May 1, 2024 – Course Deposit Due

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