ANN: Research Group on Looted Art, Provenance Research and Restitution in the Netherlands (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, University of Amsterdam)

The spoliation of art during the Nazi-era and the Holocaust is the central focus of this research group. However, we extend it to colonial and other contexts as well. The group is concerned with research on the looting of objects itself, as well as on questions of restitution.

Provenance research is a highly fragmented field, as it is guided by diverging interests. Therefore, the members of our research group are from different areas: museum professionals, archivists, claimants, lawyers, etc. The frequent exchange among each other about current issues in provenance research is our main goal.

As an inclusive research group, we are interested in a variety of approaches: apart from applied provenance research and juridical restitution, we address memory, holocaust and genocide studies, and museological, curatorial and cultural heritage perspectives.

The main goal of the research group is to organize lectures, expert meetings and discussions on a regular basis, about ongoing (PhD) research and other current issues.

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