ANN: Webinar – C.T. Loo Revisited (3 Dec 2020, 8:30 am PST)

C. T. Loo with his clientele, 1950, Photographer: Nina Leen, ©TimeLife

C.T. Loo Revisited
New Sources & Perspectives on the Market for Asian Art in the 20th Century

Thursday 3 Dec 2020
8:30 am–12:00 pm (Washington, DC)
2:30–6:00 pm (Berlin/Zurich)
9:30 pm–1:00 am (Shanghai)

C.T. Loo was one of the most important dealers of Chinese and Southeast Asian art of the first half of the 20th century, with branches in Paris and New York that supplied museums and private collectors worldwide.

While he was most active between 1910–1950, Loo’s legacy lives on, as objects that he introduced to the West continue to circulate on the art market. Loo advanced the knowledge of Chinese and Southeast Asian art in Europe and the United States by introducing new objects, such as archaic bronzes, ancient jades, Buddhist sculpture, and early pottery, to a new clientele. Despite his prominent role in the history of East and Southeast Asian collections, C.T. Loo and his activities have not yet sufficiently been researched and documented. In particular, Western literature does not yet have knowledge about Loo’s trade networks and suppliers in Asia. 

This webinar will be a decisive step toward closing this gap. Speakers will include Chinese archaeologists, museum curators, academic art historians, and provenance specialists. Ultimately, “C.T. Loo Revisited” will promote an exchange of new research, will highlight new resources, and will bring together the many professionals who are researching C.T. Loo. 

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